Wonderbook PS3 Bundles And Release Date Announced

[drop2]You know what’s lovely? The new PS3. Really, it is – go and read my ‘review’ if you don’t believe me. However, I’m not entirely sold on Wonderbook, but Stefan seemed to think it had real potential.

Regardless, SCEE seem to be happy to put some weight behind it, and the curious Potter-esque Book Of Spells will be bundled in with both the wee (12GB) and the monstrous (500GB) new PS3s when it releases in the middle of November.


The bundles will include the Move controller, a PlayStation Eye, Wonderbook and the required Blu-ray game disk. Plus, of course, the PS3, Dual Shock 3 and so on.

They’re all out on the 16th of November in the UK.



  1. The caption to the picture made me think a get a child setting fire to something included in the bundle

  2. And this is why the new style console was released!

  3. If Sony can’t sell Wonderbook in decent numbers then I’m off to the Antarctic to film polar bear porn as humanity has finally let me down beyond repair. :-)

  4. Massive flop on its way….unless Sony actually advertise this to families for Christmas.

  5. Knowing Sony’s track record for pushing advertising this Wonderbook has an uphill struggle on a bicycle without pedals!

    I hope not because it has the potential to be something great.

  6. All they need is to get JK Rowling to mention it on her fansite once, i’m sure the Harry Potter fans will lap it up . Personally i’m looking forward to seeing more of Diggs Nightcrawler.

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