Joe Danger: The Movie Confirmed For PS3 – 10 Hours Of Extra Content

As we’ve been hinting at for a few weeks now, Joe Danger The Movie is coming to PlayStation 3. Hello Games’ Sean Murray dropped a few pointers, but here we are, with the facts.


Firstly: it’s coming really soon. “We’re working like crazy on it at the moment,” Sean told TheSixthAxis today, “and surprised ourselves with how well it’s going. Sony are being awesome and pulling out all the stops too.”

Secondly: it’s massive now, with 10 hours of extra content for PS3 owners.

“If I’ve learned one lesson, it’s don’t ever piss off PlayStation fans,” Murray said. “They really made Hello Games, and we’re hopefully going to be able to set things straight with them now.”

Now you’re excited, right?

Read our review of the game here.



  1. Sold! Well done Hello Games.

  2. It’s fair to say I was more than a little annoyed before; 10 hours of new content pretty much smooths any disdain over with intense excitement, however!

  3. Thats pretty decent of them, well done chaps

  4. I never doubted them

  5. Absolutely delighted with this news. Thank you Hello Games!

  6. Great news. Will definitely pick this up. Nofi any word at all on the possibility of this (or Joe Danger in any form) ever coming to Vita? Seems a perfect fit in terms of quick gameplay and online leaderboards?

  7. Awesome, will definitely be buying this when it releases. I’m just glad it’s getting a PS3 release, but extra content is a nice bonus.

  8. Sorry for being thick here….. so Joe Danger The Movie isn’t actually a movie, it’s a game?

    • ha, yes, it’s the sequel to Joe Danger. I’ve actually seen a few people who had the same impression.

    • Yup a game. Its called “The Movie” because Joe’s a stuntman in a movie I think

  9. Great news, I’ll be getting it.

  10. When I read your interview with Sean murray I got the impression that we hadn’t heard the last of Joe danger.I never expected it to be so soon though.
    Good things come to those who wait.
    The lynch mob can go home now,nothing to see. 8)

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