Starhawk DLC Also Free For PS Plus Subscribers in the EU

PlayStation Plus is the subscription service that keeps on giving. Not content with the decent discounts and multiple freebies, SCE is also giving away the DLC for the space-bound shooter.

Lightbox Interactive posted up a blog entry that informed fans that every piece of DLC available for Starhawk, including the upcoming Grizzly Exo-Rig and Pod Cannon; all the skins; vehicles; paint jobs and even the soundtrack, would be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.


It wasn’t made perfectly clear whether that offer was for SCEA’s customers in North America or whether we’d also benefit from a big dollop of free Starhawk goodies but that situation has been rectified by a reply on the EU Blog: Yes, the offer applied to Europe too.

We should set up some TSA Meets and get ‘hawking.



  1. Sweet deal, need to pick this up.

    P.S. “there’s klingons on the starboard bow…”

    • It’s worse than that he’s dead Jim!

    • We come in peace – shoot to kill, shoot to kill! :)

  2. Big bucket o’ win for is today. Been wanting this since I played it at an Access event in Manchester, but have always been put off by the price. Don’t mind having to pay for the multiplayer key at less than half retail.

  3. not surprised they are giving stuff away for this game, its very on and off. One minute the game is too one sided, the next its fantastic. Just couldn’t get hold of it.

    Great news for P+ subscribers though

    • playing with a big lobby full of TSAgents should sort out most of that, I’d imagine. They’re running MLG competitions with it soon so they’ll have to get the balancing spot on for all that eSports stuff.

    • I just bought the MP and have to say I’ve experienced some of the WORST MP I’ve ever come across. The amount of base ravaging that goes on in this game is a joke.

      It’s seriously imbalanced as well. No joke, I joined a game where the score was 153 to…wait for it…3. Yes, 3!

      I left it immediately.

  4. The miser in me was wishing they’d have reduced the MP download for Plussers as well. Like Andy, I’ve been sitting on the fence with this one but might go for it.

    I’ve just too many games though!

  5. Great deal:
    Free singleplayer for PS+
    Multiplayer just £15.99
    Free maps for everyone, forever!
    Free other DLC for PS+

    If you’ve been on the fence, jump in now whilst the noobs are still errrm noobs.

    • And talking about freebies, am I the only one getting blank spaces on the PSN Store where there are meant to be downloads?

      There are meant to be around 19 DLCs but I can only see about half of them.

      Does anyone have a workaround for it?

  6. That’s cool and reading their blog, it sounds a bit like they’re following a similar model to the LBP expansion packs – if you buy those you can build stuff but everyone get’s to access those features when playing online.
    I’ll probably just try the sp campaign but it’s a great deal if i want to take it online afterwards.

  7. Looking forward to a clan match between mine and sixthaxis, there, gauntlet thrown down :)

  8. Also tried the grizzly mech this afternoon, really fast and awesome. Although a few well placed grenades and even rifle fire do sort it out if u can keep your distance

  9. I was dead set on buying this off the store for £15.99 and getting the story mode free on my PS+ sub, but walked into my local Blockbuster store and managed to bag a brand new retail copy for £14.98 which is an absolute bargain and hopefully the servers will be brimming with people of a similar terrible skill level as me! Also picked up a copy of Resistance on the vita for a tenner, so today has been a good day! Get down to your local Blockbuster, some really nice deals down there on all platforms!

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