Assassin’s Creed III Boston Tea Party Trailer [Video]

Ubisoft have sent over this new trailer for Assassin’s Creed III.


The trailer, according to the PR, aims to give “a deeper understanding of the event that started the revolution and the birth of a nation,” – the Boston Tea Party.

Here’s your history lesson: The year was 1773. The American colonies were under British rule and growing restless of the empire’s enforced laws and taxes.

“In an act of solidarity”, it continues, “the American colonists took a final stand and in one of the most famous moments in history, destroyed British imports, boycotting their taxes and halting their tyrannical momentum.”

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  1. Cannot wait to get this, but alas I probably will have to wait until at least xmas.

  2. Can’t wait, this will be my birthday present to myself.

  3. That’s a pretty cool trailer.

  4. What no Alex Harvey? Missed opportunity.

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