Grid 2 Gameplay Footage

This new footage (from Eurogamer) of Codemasters’ Grid 2 is looking lovely. It’s labelled as ‘alpha’ code but it’s certainly nice and nippy – arcade handling, throaty engine sounds and plenty of speed.


We’ll get hands on with the game over the next couple of days.

Read our full preview of Grid 2 here.



  1. Yup, I’ll be all over this

  2. Looks delicious. Have some very fond memories of playing the first. Can’t wait.

  3. Not what I was expecting if I’m honest. Ridge racer/dirt style drift racing?
    I’ve always seen Grid as the only hope of getting close to our BTCC Touring car championship type of racing.
    If they are going down the road of arcadey ridge racer/dirt style of game then I’ll be pretty dissapointed as I can buy those games seperately.
    The video footage looks like good fun but I’m hoping for Touring car sim style!

    • I know what you mean, but they were muscle cars, slightly different handling to touring cars. Also its alpha code as the article says, so more to come on the handling I reckon.

    • I hope the drifting is just down to that class of car and not other classes in game. If so it won’t be a ‘must buy’ for me.

      • Agreed mate, it wasn’t just the cartoon drifting that has me disturbed but the ridiculous rubber banding. In fact, Grid is as far as I’m concerned is supposed to be at least semi-sim racing but that clip just shows 100% arcadey shenanigans that is seen in every arcade racer out there. If I want that then I’ll just boot up Split Second, Burnout or something similar.

  4. That looked ruddy great. Wasn’t keen on the last GRID, found the menus annoyingly slow and I got bored with the loading times. Hopefully this is a little bit snappier.

  5. It’s looking good!

  6. Well that was a big pile of meh.

    • Yup. My excitement for this title just died. I was hoping for more of the same (like DiRT 1-3 / GRID) and not Showdown. Oh well…

  7. I think it looks good, liking the way the environment/buildings are rendered but i would like to see some gameplay of the new ‘open road’ tracks . Also would have liked to have seen some ‘fighting’ on the track, seemed a bit tame in that respect :)

  8. Very nice and visceral looking at this stage. If it does hit its intended “Summer” window, it’ll be perfect timing when not much else is on the shelves.

  9. More of the same is not a bad thing in this case, shame there is to be no cockpit view (is that right, or did I make it up?).

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