Kojima Would Like The Metal Gear Series To Continue For 25 Years

During his hugely anticipated developer session at the Eurogamer Expo just now, Metal Gear designer Hideo Kojima has said that he’d like to pass the baton on, eventually, and have the series continue for another 25 years.

The man showed off the game, which he re-iterated was running on PC hardware very similar to that of the PS3 and Xbox 360, at least in capability, in a gameplay demo similar to that shown already recently at this year’s PAX.


The game, which is open world, will feature a 24 hour day and night cycle, that all-important helicopter (which can be shot down) and the ability to design and build your own bases, along with a flowing hub-based story mode.

The session was packed, with many in the queue having to be turned away.



  1. Play MGS4 and watch all the cutscenes. It’ll last that long easily.

    • 32 years if it’s released on SCEE’s PSN.

  2. Long as its in good hands I wouldn’t mind

  3. If you shoot down the Helicopter des that mean you can avoid any loading screens? … ;)

    • *does

    • I’d be worried that it would get the disc stuck in the PS3 which would crash and never load anything again. Dun dun dundundun, dun dun dah!

      • I can hear that music in my head now :)

      • Have you heard David Hayter humming it in one of the games? I think its Peace Walker, its hilarious!!

  4. I was there! But i got turned away. I forgot to get a floor map at the start, and i had no idea why the developer sessions were being held. We finally reached it at about 1.45, but the queue was so long. We got to the back, and within 5 minutes was turned away as it was full :(

    I was really looking forward to seeing him as well!

    • Haha. We were turned away half an hour before even that! It filled up in all of 5 minutes, or less. :(

      • Well… i suppose i should’ve realised how popular Kojima’s conference would be! But if i had gotten there way earlier, then i would have missed out on a lot of other stuff as i’d be stuck in the queue for ages!

        I tried to look out for some Sixth Axis peeps, but i don’t think i saw any of you. You weren’t wearing like… t-shirts that said sixth axis on or anything, as that would’ve been a lot easier to find you =P

  5. He doesnt even really understand everything about MGS as it is. Add another 25 years worth what chance do any of us have following the story?

  6. Aaahhh, i’m gonna try and see if i can buy tickets on the door and go again tomorrow :D

    If you see a red haired girl, possibly carrying a plush cactaur and/or a moogle, then come say hi :)

    • Do you have Twitter? The best way of finding us is through just asking on our Twitter where we are!

  7. I would hate to think how complex and confusing the overall plot will be in 25 years time as i don’t fancy getting the latest MGS game, then spending 1 month researching the plot just so i won’t be staring at my tv wondering what the feck is going on. Plus, i think it will get a bit stale by then as you can defeat a Metal Gear so many times before it becomes boring.

    And is there even any room left for another MGS game? As i can only think of one game, a Raiden game that takes place between MGS2&4.

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