Sony Bags Exclusive Ezio Trilogy, Launches In November

Since the sublime second instalment of Ubisoft’s current-gen flagship, Assassin’s Creed has been subject to an annualised release schedule which, up until now, has been helmed by iconic protagonist, Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

This year the torch has been passed to new kid on the block, Connor Kenway, though Ubisoft are still keen to galvanise Ezio’s legacy. From November 13th, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to grab themselves the “Ezio Trilogy”  including Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations, for sixty bucks.

It’s an ideal purchase for newcomers to the franchise or even those simply wanting to play catch-up.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog


  1. Nice collection and not a bad price. Will this be disc, download or both? Ive recently only just discovered and played through AC2 which was fantastic and would have liked to have done the other 2 but as its so close to AC3 coming out I’m not sure I’ll bother as I’ve heard that Brotherhood and Revelations arent majorly important to Desmonds story

    • Brotherhood had a lot of Desmond in it.

      • As does revelations if you can stomach the woeful puzzle sections.

      • Ah, ok. Cheers, I may give them a playthrough then. I really enjoyed the puzzles in AC2. I found they broke the gameplay up nicely. Why are they woeful in Revelations?

      • I actually liked the puzzles in Revelations.

  2. Good to see that they didn’t include AC1 lol they must have heard fans bash it hard

  3. Not a bad price, I probably would of picked it up if it was released a little earlier.

    • Yeah, i thought the same but as its releasing in the same month as AC3 and Liberation it just seems a little too late to play catch up

  4. Nice. I’ll be up for this. Haven’t played any of them.
    So, the general consensus seems to be don’t bother with the first one?

    • Not at all. The general consensus is that everyone has already played the first one and nobody wants to buy a collection that includes a game that they already own. If you haven’t played it, start with the original AC.

  5. Still haven’t played Brotherhood and Revelations and ACIII is coming closer but I fear that I’d be tired of the franchise again, after playing Brotherhood and wouldn’t touch Revelations for quite a while. I’ve always felt like that after finishing an AC game, which is why I only played AC2 about two years after finishing the original AC. At some point AC franchise fatigue kicks in and I have to firce myself through the rest of the game until I reach the always interesting end of the story but I’ve never had the urge to immediately pick up the sequel to get back into the action.
    Maybe I’ll just watch a Let’s Play of Brotherhood, get Revelations cheap and then wait for a price drop of ACIII…

  6. Enjoyed all of these, but definitely needed a year gap between them. Playing them one after the other (to completion) might be a bit much!

  7. You can probably get them all for £30-40 plus i’ve heard AC:R is just a loading screen simulator. ;) Wonder if it’s a timed exclusive or one that will last untill the PS3 retires?

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