“XCOM: Enemy Unknown” Interactive Trailer [Video]

2K have released a rather posh trailer for XCOM:Enemy Unknown which allows you to interact with the story, which is rather clever.


It’s rather like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book, but as a trailer, complete with narration to describe what is happening on screen.

Tickle the video above to give it a try, the game is out on 9th October.

Source: YouTube



  1. Think this is the only game that’s left for me to buy this year.

    • I’m with you on that. I’d like some others but this shall be the one and only I can afford or want before Christmas is over.

  2. watching it right now, but my internet’s being an arse.

    anyway, looks good so far.
    that looks like the controls are mapped to an Xbox pad, is that just the pc version using an Xbox pad or is this coming to consoles?
    because that would be awesome.

    the real Xcom game on consoles, heaven. ^_^

    • also, i like how the heavy weapons soldier is the woman on the squad. ^_^

    • ok, watched to the end, and yay, console version.

  3. Awesome! Cannot wait for this, downloading the demo for this as I type and got the special edition pre ordered for PC. Hurry uppppp! :)

    • Also, the trailer is pretty damn good. Wish there were more like it.

    • They released a demo!?! *Runs to console*

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