Is Sega Rebooting Afterburner?

Wicked whispers from indiscreet tweeters may have revealed that the Sega classic, Afterburner is coming back.

Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic games tweeted “I demand an Afterburner reboot NOW. #barrelroll” and Hayden Walling, ex Ubisoft employee and now game lead at Nike, replied, “@therealcliffyb it’s in the works’.

Cliff then asked Hayden if had broken an NDA to which he replied, “@therealcliffyb nope, circle of trust maybe.”

Source: Twitter


  1. Afterburner is amazing… they so need to do a new one even if it’ll just be the same as the last games.

  2. Pardon my ignorance but wtf is afterburner, should I be excited, what it’s about?

    • …its about explosions and afterburnin.

    • It’s a flight sim without the sim, an old style arcade shooter in fighter jets.
      It was first released in the mid eighties in amusement arcades.

      • Oh right I was only a baby in 88 lol…

        Not into flight games, in struggling on starhawk as it is

      • Afterburner is barely a ‘flight’ game, yes, you’re a plane but the gamplay is so tunneled you may as well be a skateboard.

        You move up & down the screen & obviouslly side to side too, there’s over-travel in each direction where the screen scrolls a bit each way, but not that much.

        It’s more about shooting everything that comes towards you.

  3. Does it really need a reboot though? As i thought Sega had put the franchise to rest judging by the lack of any new games for the past 5-10 years. Wonder if it will feature a bald space marine and a lot of QTEs? :p

    I think Afterburner will be best suited to a PSN/XBLA/Virtual Store/Steam release due to it’s arcadey nature of it. Or am i thinking of another game? Unless they make the possible reboot massive and have a lot of replayabilty.

  4. “…game lead at Nike…”, as in Nike the sportswear brand? Why do they need a gaming division?

  5. Sod Afterburner ( as excellent as it was back then), let’s have a Space Harrier reboot – then we’re talking :D

    • Couldn’t agree more, I much preferred Space Harrier to Afterburner.

      • Or maybe we could have both.

        I have the arcade ports of Space Harrier and Hang On on the Wii VC, I’d kill for Afterburner and Outrun to complete the set.

  6. Yeah, port a HD version of Planet Harriers and SCUD Race, as well as an arcade perfect version of Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle pls SEGA! :D

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