Slender (Slender-Man) Appears On iPhone, But It’s Not The Real Thing

Slender, the massive indie game featuring the manifestation of a certain forum’s own urban myth, has finally arrived on iPhone.

Except, well, it’s not an official port and neither the original developer nor the publishers making a fully fledged sequel approve.


“This is not by us or Mark Hadley, so we do not officially endorse this in any way,” a spokesperson for Blue Isle Studios told Pocket Gamer.

The version currently available on iPhone (for 69p) has no pages to find, slightly iffy controls and a much less scary incarnation of Slender.

As a bonus, for anyone yet to see it, here’s us playing the original version of Slender the other night:

Curious? Slender is available (the proper PC and Mac version anyway) for free from here.



  1. Jesus, that’s scary. Last thing I expected was such a grotesque abomination right there, next to you, when the camera turned.

    Game looked fun too. :-p

  2. PC/Mac game is brilliant.
    iPhone version, not so much. Turning controls are laggy as tits.

  3. *sniffs the air* I smell a lawsuit!*in very campy way*

    I am surprised Apple has allowed it due to it being unauthorised by the publisher of Slender. And it sounds like it’s a bit crap on the Iphone as i’m pretty sure that making you soil yourself is a main selling point for Slender.

    • Camp? Soil? Crap?
      Sounds like a slot on the Alan Titchmarsh show!

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