Release Of The “New PS3” Causes 138% Sale Increase

According to initial reports, sales of the PS3 jumped 138% last week after the release of the newly styled but decidely retro-looking “new” PS3.

The new PS3, with its top-loading design and deep ridges, had some speculating that Sony weren’t quite on the ball. We disagreed, and think it’s lovely.


It looks like you all agree, too, as nearly 40% of PS3 sales were the new model.

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  1. Having seen one ‘in the flesh’ at EGXP it looks much better than some of the pictures have suggested.

    • Exactly this. It’s better in reality than in renders.

      Still not my cup of tea, and I still think they should have gone all out of the “Spock’s Torpedo Coffin” look, and somehow got the Star Trek font.

  2. I think it’s lovely too.

  3. It selling a lot isn’t going to change my opinion of it being ugly…

    • Well it should! Allow your opinion to be distorted by peer pressure, damn you!

  4. I think it looks smart. I like its retro look.

  5. Looks smart to me too. Ridges remind me of the PS2, which is a great thing in my mind :) If my 60GB ever dies i’ll happily upgrade to one of these bad boys.

  6. I guess the FIFA 13 bundle helped too.

  7. My arse looks better than the new model lol

    • Your arse my arse! (as Ricky Tomlinson would say) ;)

  8. I really like it. Been thinking about getting another PS3 for our spare room for Bluray and Netflix, etc. I think this could be ideal.

  9. It’s strange, Argos(UK) & still haven’t had any stock of the New PS3 yet??? :-/
    + I love the Retro look of the New PS3 :P

  10. Its much better in the flesh than the renders put out…i bought one in hmv on Friday, £259.99 for 500gig model + fifa 13, gran turismo academy edition, uncharted 3 goty edition and £10 hmv thing was i traded in one of my 120gig slims and only had to pay £109 for it all.

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