Escape Plan’s Updates Are Eating Up All Your Vita Space, Guys

Escape Plan, the fancy PS Vita puzzler, is slowly eating up all your PS Vita’s memory card space. That is, assuming you’re patching the game each time it updates.


The game itself is around 900MB, but subsequent patches are actually adding to the game’s size – reports are coming in that with the 2nd DLC it’s now over 2GB in size, which is probably where all your space has gone to without you really knowing.

If you’ve got a chunky card, this probably isn’t much of an issue, but for those of you with 4 or 8GB cards, you might find backing the game up to your PS3 until it’s needed is a wise choice.



  1. I hate content manager.

  2. It’s backed up on my laptop at the moment, over 2GB in size. There’s been a DLC released since and another out this week I think.

    The size is a joke- it’s approaching FIFA 13 size and well over twice the size of games like Unit 13.

  3. Yes this is rather annoying, so to is me 3-staring the entire game, then they release a patch that makes it much easier!! I’m now waiting for them to release the game on a cartridge and throw in a Platinum trophy, then I will be really pissed :(

    • Apparently the new patch adds button controls though – could be why its so large.

      • That should just be some lines of text in a config file though…

      • It was already one of my largest games- bigger than WipEout, Gravity Rush, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Unit 13 etc. are all smaller- some are less than 50% of the file size, despite all being among the ‘bigger’ games on Vita. Games like Super Stardust and Tales From Space are only a tenth of Escape Plan’s size.

      • Yeah true, was just a thought. Quite interested to see how it’ll play with “normal” controls as touch controls were a bloody nightmare.

  4. I’m downloading the patch now. Also Skype has a patch with new features anyone interested

  5. sort it out, thats ridiculous.

  6. have got new games for my Vita but waiting to get a 32gb card was holding out to see if they did a 64gb one but nothing has happened on the card front.

    • They should have had them from the beginning, its ridiculous.

  7. I have a 32GB, but with a lot of PSP and PSOne titles the space is chewed up pretty quickly. And now this, hmm… better finish it so I can delete it then, unless they put Laarg on a diet.

  8. Thank goodness its removed for now…

  9. I’m afraid i gave up on the game around level 9/10… couldn’t get that prick with the dart to turn around and when i did manage it, he aways turned back around and burst Laarg .. and my patience bubble.

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