iPad and iPhone Get Dual Stick Controller

[drop2]Apple has officially approved the first dual analog controller, which is currently being supported by Gameloft and features a digital pad and face buttons alongside the sticks.

It’s a somewhat ugly chunk of plastic, and the game support is currently limited to just N.O.V.A, Order and Chaos Online, Modern Combat 3, Brothers in Arms 2 and Asphalt 7, but more game support is planned for the future.


Although there are plenty of iPhone and iPad games that work perfectly well with the touchscreen, those requiring traditional input methods (like, for example, first person shooters) have always taken a bit of adjusting to to get the most out of.

Hopefully this is the end of such limitations.

A stand is also included, and will retail for around $70, including much valued space in Apple’s own stores. Previous controllers like the i-Cade worked well, but didn’t offer such versatile controls.

A second device – the Duo Pinball – features flipper buttons.



  1. $70! Hahahahahahahahaha.

    Looks quality.


    • As it’s ‘licensed’ by Apple I wonder if that involved a fee? If so it could be the reason for the price

  2. Yeah, no.

  3. Wow it’s so ugly it’s hard to believe its a apple product but its apple it will sell

    • It’s not an Apple product, it’s just Apple approved, like tons of third-party add-ons.

  4. Blimey, I can only imagine apple have their own version lined up that hasn’t been designed by a blind 3 year old.

  5. Here’s hoping they’ve opted for function well and truly over form as not sure I’d touch this after 10 pints and a kebab at Abrakebabra! Think I’ll stick to console games for the main and keep my ipad for games that work on touchscreen. I’ve got a big enough console game pile of shame to get through without worrying about ipad games that you can sink ages into.

  6. well I was interested until I looked at it….Jesus Christ that thing is fugly.

    • And so comfortable to hold. :-/

  7. This is a step in the right direction for me, just hoping that Gameloft allow other developers to add compatibility for the controller to their games.

  8. .. or just buy a Vita.

    • The Vita definitely wins the round, this ugly brick looks like it comes with free chronic arthritis. Good idea though since I guess being able to use a Dualshock 3 with an iPad is never going to happen.

    • If only the Vita had the range of games iOS does :-(

      • If only the Vita had 1% of the range of games iOS does…

    • Or an android phone so you can plug in a dualshock and play a whole load of emulators too

  9. 1) FUGLY
    2) Needs universal compatibility & not just be limited by Gameloft’s business objectives, people should back iControlPad 2 on Kickstarter (an open source controller) instead of wasting money on this DOA piece of fisher price style crap.

  10. I’ll take a Competition Pro joystick over this, any day!

    • Or a Kempston. Ahhhhh those were the days were they not?

      • They were splendid. Then again, I see them now and think “wow… how we’ve moved on” but we haven’t that much. Just shinier things and more speakers. :D

      • Yes, we’ve moved on but the feeling hasn’t changed, it just takes more & more to instill that feeling, which we used to get by more simple means.

        Now we need capsizing ocean liners, bigger explosions, more baddies, more beautiful vistas, more detailed hair etc & etc

        Regardless of what’s added to make us feel something, the feeling isn’t anything more than beating someone at a Pong clone used to be, or breaking your Kempston/Quickshot II waggling the joystick to a last millisecond victory at Brian Jacks’ Superstar Challenge

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