October’s PlayStation Plus Update Brings Bulletstorm And Resident Evil 5

[drop2]This month’s PlayStation Plus line-up has been revealed, and it’s a bit of a cracker.

First up, Plus subscribers will get Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, which will be available tomorrow. Following that, on the 10th, is Bulletstorm, one of the most innovative shooters of late with some great ideas.


Read what we thought of Hell Yeah! right here, and our Bulletstorm review is here along with some discussion about how the game revitalised a genre desperate for a refresh.

Better still? How about Resident Evil 5 – the Gold edition, with all the DLC? Yep, that’s out on the 10th, too, and again, free for Plus subscribers. That’s one hell of a deal, pun intended. Unconvinced? Our review of that is here.

In addition, look out for some other deals during the month:

  • 3rd October: Spelunker HD – 50% off the full game and 50% off various DLC packs for two weeks
  • 10th October: Derrick the Deathfin – 30% off
  • 17th October: Dogfight 1942 – 50% off a bundle including the full game and two DLC packs
  • 24th October: Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit – 20% off DLC packs

And a reminder that on the 3rd Red Dead Redemption will vanish, along with Lara Croft and Saints Row 2 on the 10th, so get those quick (or just put them in your download queue) before they disappear from Plus.



  1. Thoroughly enjoyed both bulletstorm and re5 when i got them at retail some time back. Mixed feelings about this update as have played both and while I would play both again I have other higher priorty stuff to get through. However for those who have not played either then this is a great offer. Yes bulletstorm is silly and has a crazy amount of bad language but as a new IP i found it rather enjoyable if a little lacking in substance. RE5 is pretty good too and from what the reviews indicate for those who have not played it pick this up instead of 6 and save yourself a fortune (what you’ve saved on not buying 6 you could pay for a plus subscription for a year if you’ve not got one yet)! Bargain.

  2. another great update.

  3. Looks like eBay will be seeing my copies of RE5 and bulletstorm…

  4. Sweet been meaning to try Bulletstorm.
    Might actually give Resi 5 a proper bash too if it can be played co-op :)

  5. awesome, never bought any of those games! :D

  6. already got Resi 5, but not all the dlc so that’s nice.
    interesting that some publishers now seem to be getting behind plus as a way of promoting sequels, like with Borderlands in august.
    if it means we get top quality titles, i’m all for it.

    never liked Bulletstorm enough to buy it, so getting it with my sub is nice.
    and Hell Yeah looks interesting.
    and for no extra money i’ll sure as hell give it a try.

  7. So i bought the PS+ 1 year subscription when it was o Sale and i got a load out of games that i haven’t played after, Machiarium, Just Cause, Scott Pilgrim, Saints Row 2 and inFamous 2. Only those where good value for my money, and now they offer BulletStorm and Resident Evil 5? Hell Yeah! Never played those games :)

    I’m waiting to see what will come up next month :D

  8. Yeah!! Love + these days. Really worth it, in my opinion.

    Looking forward to Bulletstorm which I never risked when I had to pay outright. And RE5 will be good to play again, perhaps in co-op!

  9. Awesome update! Its the gift that keeps giving!

  10. I played the Hell Yeah demo and it was brilliant fun so i’m looking forward to that. Bulletstorm looks good and was an absolute blast to play too, although the story/characters were not so appealing. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of Derrick the Dolphin.

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