PlayStation Mobile Will Launch With Over 20 Games Tomorrow

PlayStation Mobile, the new service for PlayStation Vita and loads of Android phones and tablets, launches tomorrow. And with it will be, according to senior business development for PlayStation Mobile Shahid Ahmad, “over 20 games”.

The games will be mainly from indie developers, at least at first, including Futurlab and Laughing Jackal. We’ve been trying to guess which games are out tomorrow in this post.


“PlayStation Mobile brings the trusted PlayStation brand to mobile, and we’re launching with over 20 titles,” he said today, explaining that with regards to development “all you need to get going is a Windows PC” – coding is done in C#. Developers are required to pay a $99 fee to get going.

Futurlab’s new game is also mentioned – Fuel Tiracas – and we’ll have our full impressions on that as soon as we’re given the green light tomorrow. It’s good though, and cheap, too.

PlayStation Mobile will have PSN functionality very soon, including leaderboards and trophies.



  1. “PlayStation Mobile will have PSN functionality very soon, including leaderboards and trophies.”

    This….. !! Important move, makes all of the PSM games much more interesting for several reasons.

    • Online leaderboard is very importent so good to see that!

  2. Trophies that’s all I wanted to hear, I’m sold yeehee!!

  3. Will this be on my HTC phone tomorrow?

    • I suddenly regret rooting mine.

  4. Anyone know if devs will be producing apps as well as games with psm? I would like a dlna client.

  5. Tiem to ditch the iphone and get an android to go with my vita :) All hail PSM :)

  6. I kinda hope it will come to my Samsung, but I don’t really care as I’ll be using the Vita for 90% of the time anyway. Trophy support is golden, good job Sony. I’m certainly buying a couple games tomorrow.

  7. From the wording of the last sentence, I’m guessing PSM is getting the classic PS1 Classics (and Nintendo) treatment of not being Day 1 in terms of PSN connectivity?

    • *Nods.

      • Lovely.
        Ah well, at least it’s on it’s way. Eventually.

  8. Online leaderboards are essential for the longevity high-score chasing games like Super Crate Box – hope they turn up soon!

    • Well, Fuel has its own leaderboards. That works just fine until the PSN stuff filters through.

  9. I usually slate Gameloft games due to them being mainly crap, but with Vita controls I’d gladly pay £3 for a Nova game or something for some cheap multiplayer fun…

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