Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Returns Next Week To PSN

Konami have let us know that the publisher will resurrect its PSone classic, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night next week, via the PlayStation Network.


The press release says Symphony of the Night is regarded as one of the classic additions to the long-running Castlevania series and was the first to offer an open-world level design and RPG elements.

The game will be available from 10th October, priced £9.99.



  1. SO is this actually the UK release of same game that was on the US store and Xbox years ago? I’ve been waiting years for it to come to Europe but its about time however £9.99? pretty high for a PS one Classic bit more than Final Fantasy but meh its Symphony of The Night.

    • I have an American PSN account for buying Rock Band songs, and this is the one actual game I bought with it. It’s fantastic, totally worth a tenner, if it does indeed cost that much.

    • Indeed I wouldn’t mind paying that much its a brilliant game. Well worth it.

  2. Been waiting for this to come to EU store for years, pretty sure it wasn’t that much 4 years (or whenever) ago on its US release

    As usual for SCEE, the moment has passed… Although it is SotN

    • Don’t see how Konami releasing SOTN 4 years late is SCEE’s fault?

      • Everything is SCEEs fault.

        Two things, first I started writing in jest….. secondly they probably would have released it 5 years ago if the process wasn’t so bad… probably one of the reasons they’ve inflated the price so much too.

  3. *Five years ago

    At least it gives us a timescale to work to so we can look forward to CS:GO in 2017

    • The unfortunate thing about this comment is that you are probably bloody right.

      Don’t think it will do so well as a PS4 title tbh! :)

  4. Hopefully it’ll be available for the Vita. Makes me feel better about selling my ps1 copy last year.

  5. The should have released the PSP version which was significantly updated and included another Castlevania adventure with it.

  6. Finally! I’ll get this when it hit the EU store. Now release Suikoden I and Suikoden II then I…no WE will going to be happy for not spending 130-160€ on Suikoden 2 & Suikoden 1 on eBay, pretty please Konami?

    • They tweeted about that, so at least they know fans want it here I guess.

  7. Only now, and for £9.99? Is Konami on crack or what? I already think that charging $10 in the NA store is a ripoff, but this get things to new heights.

  8. Loving the $1 = £1 conversion price. Get stuffed. No wonder we get a USA and a JPN account.

  9. Awesome!

  10. So not only do we get it five years after the rest of the world, we have to pay a tenner for it. I would have settled for £8 as that is what most actual classics cost, not “oh this is a classic and not just filler)”. In fact, the FF games cost less then Castlevania:SOTN. SCEE, i have nothing at this time as i’m all out of rants.

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