PS Vita Black Ops Has Had “A Significant Visual Upgrade”

The EU PS Blog have been speaking to Robert Huebner, Studio Head at Nihilistic, about Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified for PlayStation Vita.


You may recall everyone was less than impressed when the game was previewed at Gamescom, with many commenting that the graphics were not up to scratch. I wonder what will be the first thing they talk about?

“I think the most noticeable thing is a significant visual upgrade; a richer color palette, more detailed models, and better lighting overall. Also we implemented an entirely new animation blending system that allows us to capture a lot of nuanced animation that Call of Duty players are accustomed to,” said Robert.

Nihilistic also revealed that there will be a Nuketown inspired map, weapons modding and the usual COD perks.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post the game is looking slightly better with a nice muzzle flash on the gun. A very nice flash, in fact, and as Sony has supplied some ridiculously hi res images lets zoom in and…

Jaggies on the car, jaggies on the background, jaggies on the soldier but… no jaggies on the muzzle flash.

I wonder why?

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. lol photoshoppery

  2. Highly likely to have happened, lots of post processing effects & lighting will be added later in development

    Even textures can be worked on late in the day

    Remember PS3’s 650MB Battlefield 3 day 1 patch which was essentially a texture pack that wasn’t ready by the time the game went to disc pressing company so the devs just let gamers download it rather than delay the tile so it could go into production complete

  3. Let us not forget it’s not all about how many graffix the game has. If it looks as good as the first screenshot I’ll be a happy camper (assuming it has lots of maps to suit campers such as myself). Personally like with music I’m not enough of an audio/visual phile to really care about the difference. Got Sky HD and not had it long but already can’t really tell the difference between HD and SD. as long as gameplay is sound then I’ll get it (if /when the price comes down!).

    • Really??!
      I don’t mean to take the mick but “how many graffix the game has” made me laugh.

      • Oh crap, I read that wrong, sorry!!
        I get what you mean about if the game is solid it might be worth picking up on the cheap though.

      • Glad you appreciated I wasn’t being serious with the “graffix” comment. Just still bugs me how much weight is placed on polygone count, tearing and all that cobblers. Gameplay was and still is where it’s at and decent looks / polish is a bonus. I’m currently playing Syphon Filter on vita from psone days and it’s top banana. Tasering people NEVER gets old.

  4. Part of me really wants this to be good in order to have a good fps on my Vita but the more I hear the less I’m hopeful.
    Considering how cut back the whole game is from a full COD game it’s ridiculous to expect anyone to pay full price for it.
    The single player is just ten missions that are “optimised for mobile play” i.e. short and the 4v4 multiplayer has only 4 maps which themselves are tiny.
    Unit 13 was optimised for mobile play but had a large variety of missions plus a mission generator.
    Killzone Mercenary can’t come soon enough and I have LBP and New Little King’s Story to keep me busy until Most Wanted and Liberation.

    • Totally agree. Resistance was ok-ish – reasonable length campaign and decent storyline, but if this cut back then I’ll be picking it up cheap or waiting for Killzone.
      At least we should have AC3 Liberation to keep us happy for a while

  5. Hmm maybe Ithis might be my first COD game, I’m quite tempted despite what people are saying about it.

  6. Any visual upgrade is welcome but the actual gameplay will decide it for me. All i really want is a solid, non gimmicky FPS game for my Vita.

  7. Looks poor. Massively low-res again, which is my biggest issue with the Vita at the moment. I’d rather they sorted that than added in extra frames of animation.

    Don’t really care about the muzzle flash, clearly that’s just a sprite that has survived the upscaling better, presumably as it’s rendered post-scaling.

  8. COD it’s got what people crave, it’s got guns

  9. Look at the horrible textures of the ground and walls. barely psone graphics. Especially the ground

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