Puppeteer Is At Least 15 Hours Long

Puppeteer creator Gavin Moore has been speaking to the PlayStation Blog and has told them that the game will last at least 15 hours.


“If you were to run through it, it’s going to take you 15 hours, plus. And that’s charging through it without searching for any of the secret stuff, or finding all the heads,” he said.

The game finds a young boy called Kutaro enslaved by the evil Moon Bear King and transformed into a puppet. His head is then tossed off into a cellar (that’s the exact words they use, smut fans) and Kutaro must use other objects to give himself head.

A head, sorry, to give himself a head.

Gavin said there are “a lot” of heads to find in the game. “Pick a three-figured number and go from there,” he said.

 Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Sounds good. Looks like PSN games are starting to become as big and as good as full price games. And given the length surely a Platinum trophy will be apparent :)

  2. This and Rayman:Orgins really shows that 2D Plattform games can be retail games aswell.

  3. Lovely to see as long as it’s a great twenty hours (for your average player, I would’ve thought). The style, trailers and general vibe has been sooo positive. Really looking forward to this.

  4. Excellent, i was expecting it would be much shorter but i’ll be picking it regardless as it looks sweet.

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