TSA F1 Championship 2012 Prizes

The TSA F1 Championship is always a big high point on TSA which stands out from the rest of our competitions, and this year is no different.

We’ve had a great response once again, and have now got more than enough entries to warrant properly opening up the doors to a Monday Championship alongside the Sunday Championship which we originally had planned.

The Monday group will race at 7PM each week starting on the 15th of October, so if you want to have a go but couldn’t commit to weekly Sunday nights, feel free to use the entry form at the bottom of this post to put your name in before entries close at 11PM BST on Tuesday 9th of October.

Just make sure that you select the correct option where the form asks if you can race on Mondays. If you’ve put this on your entry before today, then you can also generally assume that you’ll be racing on Mondays, but we’ll be announcing the finalised groups in full next Thursday.

Please do be aware that the final race between the top drivers from each group will take place on Sunday 11th of November at 5PM. We’d love for everyone who qualifies to be able to race, but even if you know in advance that you won’t be able to make this date, don’t let that stop you from signing up for some healthy competitive online racing with a great bunch of guys!

Everyone knows that points mean prizes, and this year we’ve again been able to work with a few companies to sponsor the championship and get some goodies for the top three drivers to come out of the finals.

TSA is sticking with championship tradition by bringing a trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, but the prize pot goes a bit deeper than that.

Insert Coin are well known in gaming circles for making high quality T-shirts and hoodies which pay homage to popular game franchises, from classics like Golden Axe or Goldeneye to modern blockbusters such as Assassins Creed. They must be doing pretty well for themselves, given how it felt like every third person at Eurogamer Expo was wearing something made by them! Not to mention their regular stream of new project announcements in partnership with developers and publishers from all over.

So it’s great to have Insert Coin on board, and they’re giving a £10 voucher for the 3rd place driver, £20 for 2nd place and a great £35 voucher for the overall winner.

Alongside these, Codemasters have also pitched in with a copy of their upcoming F1 Race Stars for the champion. As many of you will already know, it’s a kart racing take on F1 which emphasises fun and wacky tracks, whilst still keeping a firm grasp on what makes F1 stand out. So you can expect to see safety cars and pit lanes popping up alongside loop-the-loops and tracks in outlandish settings.

As announced hours after the Championship went live on Wednesday, Elgato’s sponsorship of this competition has come in the form of a Game Capture HD giveaway. There are up to three entries per person to win this great little capture card, with one being placed for every entrant to the F1 2012 Championship, another for submitting an entry form on the giveaway’s page and a third for tweeting an entry tweet. Full entry details can be found here.

It’s going to be one very lucky person who wins with a non-stop stream of entries flooding in, but on top of this Elgato have also added a trio of branded t-shirts to the pot for the main competition.

Last, but by no means least, we’re also bringing back the Driver’s Choice Award.

After all the dust has settled we’ll hold a vote for all of those that took part to pick a driver outside of the top three who they think deserves a little praise. It could be that they were a worthy opponent on the track, particularly chivalrous in the heat of battle, or you just like the way they laughed at your crummy jokes whilst waiting for the rest of the group to show up.

The winner of this vote will get themselves a trophy for being a good sport and a £5 Insert Coin voucher, who want to encourage a healthy attitude to competitive gaming. Just try to keep it friendly and fair, even as you pass someone through Eau Rouge at 300km/h!

Unfortunately, I do need to note at this point that whilst some of the prizes will be available to racers from outside the UK, others will be for the UK only.

The final piece of business is to leave you with the entry form for the Championship:

Entries are now closed, and the Championship is under way.



  1. More great prizes, well done TSA and all the kind sponsors.

  2. Brilliant, awesome even. Extra incentive to perform this, thanks Insert Coin! Really cool gear and now cool too for being part of the TSA F1 Championship. Nice of Codemasters to chip in too!

    • *too many “cools” there, it’s cool. Yes. Cool.

  3. Holy crap! That’s amazing! I can’t wait to get the Championship started! :D Thanks ever so much TSA, Elgato, Insert Coin and Codies!

    Fingers crossed I can nab a podium! :S

  4. Wow, Lee really is being spoiled this year! :-p
    Fantastic prizes, a great added bonus.

    • Ha, too true!

      • Don’t worry I’ve asked Codies to nerf Lee in their upcoming patch. :P

  5. Splendid support and sponsorship from these companies. Awesome prizes. ;)
    Haha, the full speed Eau Rouge overtake….astonishing outcome with both drivers unscathed :P

  6. Wow some great prizes there :) good luck to all entrants.

  7. Best prize pool I’ve ever seen from TSA, truly outstanding. Shame I won’t be competing, but I’m just not good enough at racing games to bother.
    Sounds like it’ll be a laugh though, as well as properly competitive.

  8. Great prices don’t expect to get any of them though as I haven’t played a F1 game in…. well ever.

  9. Great list of prizes this year! Going to have to step up my game when my game arrives on Monday :P

  10. Re submitted an entry for the Monday tournament just to be sure that it get’s registered with the new form fill. Decided that I want to drive the Ferrari (actually prefer the look of Ferrari than Mclaren when driving cockpit view) for the tournament instead, as nobody else had chosen it yet and we must have a Ferrari on track!!
    Also it’ll free up the Mclaren car for anyone else to use as there’s usually a few people that go for those.

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