Trailer Park: October 6th 2012

Dishonored, The Tales from Dunwall – Episode 2

Dishonored, The Tales from Dunwall – Episode 3

Halo 4 Promethean Weapons Trailer
The Promethean Weapons make your character incredibly stupid and try and snog alien space snakes.

Tomb Raider : The Final Hours Episode 2
Obviously not the final hours or it would be the end of the game. Also the video is only six minutes long, what a con.

Zaxxon Escape Trailers
Zaxxon is coming to iOS in a swanky new 2012 version.

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  1. Haven’t watched any yet but I just wanted to say, great idea. The weekend is usually so slow and now you have provided me with distractions. Thank you.

  2. Awesome idea! I’d also love to watch away with a coffee in hand, all snuggled up and relax……. but i’ve got work :(

  3. X Com trailer was decent but I prefer the E3 one :) Didn’t think the music suited this one.

  4. Excellent idea, there were a few videos there that i would probably have missed otherwise.
    So much for me getting anything productive done this morning though.. :)

  5. No…. not more Simcity trailers *exits page*

  6. Does anyone know whether New little kings story is good?

    have seen the only hard copy of the game on Zavvi, footage looks good but just wondering whether is has an RPG zing, and whether its much of a polished game, is it perhaps like Disgaea?

    btw nice idea about the trailer post, nice to keep up to date with gameplay footage from week to week.

    • It’s a great game. And if you have not played the original game that it’s even a better because then everything feels new.

  7. WOW those guys at Treyarch really know how to wash-out colours!

  8. This is a great feature. Quite a few videos there I’d not seen before.

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