Far Cry 3 ‘Lost Expeditions’ Trailer [Video]

Ubisoft has released a trailer for “The Lost Expeditions”, a DLC pack that will be available as a pre-order bonus and also included in the Insane Edition of the game.

The two extra missions will last around 40 minutes and will also include an exclusive “Japanese gun.” The game – and this DLC – will be available from November 30th.


Anyone else think Ubisoft risks invoking the wrath of the Internet by describing day one DLC as “lost”?

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Source: YouTube



  1. I rarely bother with dlc and Far Cry 3 looks to have plenty to keep me going with the standard game anyway. If/when i finish it, i’ll probably be looking for a new game experience at that stage rather than paying for another 40 mins gameplay.

  2. Cannot wait for this game. Could have easily played this for hours at Eurogamer if it wasn’t for all those inconsiderate people who wanted a go too :P

  3. Day 1 DLC doesn’t bother me, especially if it’s a pre order incentive.

  4. I ordered the Insane edition, just so I’d at least get the full game day one. Fingers crossed it’s any good,

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