Abe’s Oddysee: New N’ Tasty – Interview with Stewart Gilray and Lorne Lanning [Video]

We interviewed Stewart Gilray of Just Add Water and Lorne Lanning of Oddworld Inhabitants about the remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. It’s looking gorgeous so far and the obvious love and enthusiasm that both have for the project seems to be paying dividends in this New N’ Tasty version of Abe’s adventure.


  1. I liked it just the way it was, I hope they havent changed too much

  2. Good interview and a great insight into how they’re adapting for the changing landscape of the game industry. The remake is looking sweet too.

  3. Is this video on YouTube? If so, what is the name? I’m trying to view on my Vita… (while I’m here, Sony, please sort out the Flash / HTML5 compatibility and the speed of the browser).

    • Can get it here.

    • search for “thesixthaxis abes interview” in the youtube app.

  4. Lovely interview. Both Stewart and Lorne come across superbly!

    Lorne – “There’s a lot of Britney Spears out there”.

    My respect for you just went through the roof. :-)

    • Lorne Lanning was the sort of guy who could talk to anyone about anything and be captivating while he’s doing it. A genuine pleasure to meet and talk to.

      • Yep. Definitely got that vibe. Laid back and passionate about the things he loves (as well as a chatty bugger). Top bloke!

      • I have so much respect for him. He’s a really nice guy from what I’ve heard/read about him. I love the way he explains things. He has the kind of voice I could listen to for hours without getting bored no matter what he talks about.

  5. really enjoyed that great stuff guys.

  6. looks great, i’m just worried about the voice. it would be sad if it ended up with a different voice and different lines :/

    • What, like Abe now being voiced by Samuel L Jackson for example? :D

    • Weren’t most voices done by Lanning anyways? I’m sure JAW has access to all the assets. They are working very closely with Oddworld Inhabitants on all the Oddworld remakes.

      • I hope so, it’s just that we’re all used to the “hello, hello, follow me, ok” and on the gameplay footage Abe says “howdy”. Howdy? Is he a cowboy now?

      • Really? I didn’t catch that. Now I’m a little worried… >_>

  7. Love the oddworld games, always have. Still haven’t played Munch’s Oddysee so I’m very tempted to get the Odd Box. I have absolutely no issues giving devs like Jaw and Lorne Lanning money.

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