Borderlands 2 Patch Resetting Badass Rank And Culling Gold Keys

Reports are emerging that the latest Borderlands 2 patch – released today – is resetting players’ Badass ranks, and in some cases removing any gold keys they might have collected.

The reports are sporadic (it’s clearly not affecting all users) but there’s definitely an issue with the update, at least on Xbox 360. Whilst the update is required to play online, users may wish to hold off performing it.


Or, as some are suggesting, do a full backup first, something that’s apparently possible on PC and PS3, but not the 360.

Gearbox are currently investigating.

Sources: Gearbox, NeoGAF, VG, Twitter (various).



  1. Do we know why the patch has been released in the first place?

    • There have been some reports of people randomly losing their badass rank and gold keys recently (I think somehow connected to split-screen co-op sessions), so I would’ve thought the patch is to fix that issue rather than spread it. But I guess the new patch is actually for the new Mechromancer character that’s released today (one week early, I hope SCEE can cope with that).

      • SCEE can’t even cope with stuff they know about & usually have to ‘hold it in QA’ until they are ready. Usually about 3 months down the line.

        God help them if this does release early! :D

      • One of my friends somehow got about 20 gold keys due to a bug so I assume this patch was meant to fix this; my gold key from the ‘Premier club’ thing never appeared, however!

  2. Whatever happened to that old procedure that used to be involved in creating software? What was it called? Umm… oh yeah, that’s it… TESTING!

    • I totally agree with this. Now, I’m don’t write code so I have no idea how hard it is, but either way, these games are not tested enough these days. How can so many bugs in lots of games not be noticed?

      Makes you wonder if anyone actually tests these games sometimes.

      • Games got much more complex over the years. Way back games were simple enough to be able to iron out most of the bugs but I asume once the jump to 3D was made it got harder and harder to find all the bugs. The difference is that they are able to fix things nowdays.

  3. Think I’ll backup my save to a USB stick before I boot this tonight! I suspect the patch is related to the Mechromancer DLC?

    • Yes, it’s available now through the patch.

  4. Does it just affect the rank and not the actual completed challenges list? Be a ballache if it only resets the badass since you will have less “easier” challenges to boost it again.

  5. I read that the Mechromancer DLC is supposed to be out today because they finished it a week earlier than expected. Does this has anything to do with it?
    I wouldn’t want my Badass rank reset… Isn’t there even an achievement towards every first level challenge? Some challenges are area specific so you’d have to revisit certain locations to unlock them again or would they unlock immediately after logging back in again because the game has a way to remember such information?
    Would be cool to have a little more info on this.

    • That trophy includes only the general challenges, not the area-specific ones. Also I think part of the problem is that the badass ranks are reset, but not the challenges. So you can’t just redo some challenges to get the points back if they were already completed before the reset.

  6. Reading this article just as the update finishes installing. Arse.

    • Badass rank and golden keys safe, mechromancer is also available.

      • Think I will go and check mine now.

  7. Done a backup just in case, but I don’t seem to have lost anything after starting a new game with Gaige on the PS3.

  8. So is it known whether this has affected anyone on PS3, or is it just Xbox?

  9. So I assume I am safe if I just backup my save file before playing this (PS3) and then I can get back in there.

  10. Since the Badass Rank applies to all characters I wasn’t sure if only saving my highest level character would be enough so I also saved my profile. However, after the update my Badass Rank was still as it was before so I guess these resets and golden key losses had something to do with people using the bug to get access to unlimited golden keys.

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