Firemonkeys Behind Mobile Version Of Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Firemonkeys, one of the leading mobile development studios, are taking a rest from Real Racing 3 to produce the portable versions of Need For Speed: Most Wanted, at least according to the trailer released this evening.

Real Racing 3 looks amazing, as we’ve already said, and this looks pretty decent, too. I’m not sure the dark visuals really match up to what the studio has done in the past, they look a tad muted and drab, but if it controls well enough I’ll be happy.

It’ll be available for both iOS and Android.


  1. Hope they’re behind the Vita version cause I know that could be a stinker knowing EA….

    • Hmm, I’m not sure they are. Isn’t Criterion doing the Vita version?

    • Nah Criterion themselves are doing the Vita version to make it a “proper” port of the ps3/360 version.

      Cough unlike most ports on Vita *cough LEGO Games cough* shit 3DS (DS?) ports.

      If criterion can do it justive then that will be 2 BIG open world games on Vita in the space of 3 days. AC3:Liberation being the other one.

      • Wasn’t the Vita version delay until next year?

      • Thats great to know, I’d thought it’ll just be given to another developer and yeah it was delayed.

        I still have memories of the PSP version of early NFS’s… it was terrible.

  2. The game began development with Iron Monkeys (they developed the iOS games Dead Space, NFS: Undercover, NFS: Shift, NFS:Hot Pursuit and ME: Infiltrator). So the combination of Iron Monkeys and Firemint (Firemonkeys) should make this game pretty dam good…. I hope.

  3. No that was just a rumour based off some polish advert. EA came out a stated the Vita version WILL come out in November.

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