PS3 Reaches 5 Million Sales In The UK

Sony has announced it has sold over five million PlayStation 3s in the UK.

Bolstered by a brand new model (which we reviewed here) and a strong showing at Gamescom, Sony’s Fergal Gara said that “this is another historic moment for the PlayStation brand, and something I’m incredibly proud of.”


“I’d like to thank all our consumers, retailers and 3rd party partners for helping us achieve this figure, and look forward to continued success,” he added.

Sony’s press release highlights the launch of the “recently re-designed, smaller and lighter PS3”, and points out that the 12GB flash version releases this Friday in the UK.



  1. Anyone know how many PS2s were sold for the same period? Just out of interest

    • Was thinking the exact same thing. I might have a nose around later.

    • PS2 sold 5m in the UK in about 3 years and 1 month (2000-11-24 to 2003-12-15). Much less than the roughly 5.5 years the PS3 has been on sale in the UK.

      UK numbers are rarely broken out from European figures so I don’t know how many PS2s were sold in the UK over its first 5.5 years.

      One source to check might be GAME Group’s annual reports but their investor pages now redirect to so I can’t access them at the moment.

  2. Bang On! ;)

  3. That’s good news but what I don’t get why is the 320gb more expensive than the new 500gb I still don’t get it why

    • It might be more expensive according to suggested RRP’s by Sony, but most online retailers are selling the old Slim 320GB at a lot lower price than the new Super Slim 500GB model.

    • the only one I could find was the scarlet one which is limited edition.

      • You can still buy 320GB’s at Amazon and until very recently Shopto had the 320GB for £178……must have been during this past week that they’ve switched totally to the Super Slim model.

      • Wait, hold the press!
        Shopto are still selling the current Slim models in bundle packs. One that I noticed ( available for pre-order 30/10/2012 ) was a 320GB slim with Doom 3 BFG edition and Far Cry 3 for £234.85…….Slim price ;)

    • I don’t know but amazon sell the 500GB for 250 so does GAME but the 320 is set higher than 250

      @Ski what’s the scarlet edition is that the 320

      • yes mate 320 got one last year myself.

      • this year I mean lol wish there was a edit button.

  4. well done Sony.

  5. 5 Million units sold, and how many are to replace faulty units?
    Personally I’ve had 4 faulty PS3’s and a friend has had 7 (we play them for too long I think).

    • played mine every day had 3 not one has broken.

    • This the first I had of this, I have had my ps3 slim ever since it launched I play it none stop everyday even leave it on at night downloading games, it only ever had one problem that is the blu laser went busted fixed it & it’s normal again

      • That’s the slim though, they are very reliable. The launch phat’s are not, has broke twice for me.

    • I’m on my 4th, 2 broke, so that’s two sales which didnt need to be sales right there. Still an impressive number but I bet nearly a million of those sales shouldn’t of happened.

    • I’ve had a 60gb since launch and never had it replaced it did show the yellow light about 2 years after I got it but after restarting the console it never came back. The last 18 months though it has been nothing more then a blu ray/DVD player except for when Uncharted 3 came out.

    • You don’t turn them off properly *sighs*

    • Any faulty consoles that were replaced using continuous play insurance or replacements supplied won’t be counted in those figures, as they were all pre-sold refurbished models supplied by Sony….although they did scrub up like new!

    • Every generation has faulty units.

      But the 360 is easily the worst. Every person I know that’s owned one has had one break. I’m on my 3rd and my friends gave up after their 3rd.

  6. The 12GB has already launched here and it costs 235€. The exact same price as the previous 160GB slim. Needless to say, the old slims are vanishing from the stores while the 12GB sits there. I wanted a slim and actually had to go through 3 shops until I found one with still a dozen or so in stock.
    But the 500GB one is selling well.

  7. I suppose that is good. I say ‘i suppose’ because if you walk into shops that sells games&consoles in the UK you hardly see any PS3 stuff out on their shelves :-/ I went into Sainsbury’s(yeah, yeah, don’t laugh) :D (it was a superstore one) & there was no new PS3 super slims on show(last week&now this week) or any sign of any PS3 consoles but you could see LOADS of Xbox 360’s consoles on show & the Xbox 360 space is bigger(like in all shops in the UK) + you get billions of Xbox 360 Adverts in the UK every year but hardly any PS3 ones :-/ So i am surprised it has got to 5 million in the UK LoL:D
    + I didn’t want to say this again (YAWN, Zzzzz, change the f-in record) :D But if only that PS3 12GB was £149.99 & the 500GB PS3 was £199.99(or lower) then the PS3 would of had an amazing Xmas. Oh well.

    • +1 on all counts.
      Sainsbury’s are cheaper than most dedicated game shops.

  8. I’d be interested in sales numbers for each country, too bad they won’t make the data available.

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