“Rayman Origins 2” Appears, Ubisoft Offer A “No Comment”

A listing for something called “Rayman Origins 2” has appeared today on a European retailer website. There’s no information offered up at all, let along a packshot, but the game appears to be coming to the PlayStation 3 at some point in “2013”.

The follow up to Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, is currently a Wii U exclusive title (and a very nice one at that) so it’s unlikely this is the same game, although the name suggested that anyway.

We contacted Ubisoft for clarification, but just got the usual “no comment” as expected.

Rayman Legends has been delayed into next year, from its original launch alongside the Wii U’s outing, with the team citing the need to “deliver a game that lives up to and hopefully exceeds their expectations” as the key reason for the delay.


  1. Hmm I have a feeling that Ubisoft are going to start milking Rayman as much as Mario soon.

    • milking it, yeah, as much as mario?
      can’t see that, but then, i can’t see a herd of cows getting milked as much as mario ^_^

      you know, i still haven’t played the original Rayman Origins yet.

      • You really should. A really great game that should not be missed.

      • I’m absolutely loving it at the moment – got it for a tenner from Zavvi when it was on offer.
        It looks cutsey but is seriously hard in parts.

      • @jbni Aah yes. the speed run trophies and ‘Night of the the living Dead ‘ level. Tough going, but a great challenge…….fond memories :)

    • Eww……… milking a italian plumber.

  2. I’d prefer that they’re just went back into 3D and that it was more similar to the origial Rayman :/

    • Go back to 3D yet be more like the original Rayman, which was 2D?


    • http://memeorama.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/no-meme-rage-face.jpg

      Rayman is absolutely amazing in 2D. The original 2D Rayman and Origins are some of the best Jump and Run games ever made! :D

      • Agree, I prefer the 2D Raymans.

      • Have to agree, the 2D Rayman games have always been the pinnacle.
        Sure, the first couple of 3D iterations were ok, but towards the end really did become utter claptrap and were responsible for almost killing off the Rayman franchise.
        Rayman Origins was published to try and save the genre from oblivion, which I’m pleased to say that it has done very successfully.
        Basically the clue is in the word “Original”

    • I mean… A new 3D game (since 2, 3 was great) and a 2D Rayman like near the same pace of Rayman rather than the way Orgins was because I didn’t like the constant sprinting in some stages.

      nhot clear as usual <.<

  3. As long as they experiment with the art style, add interesting new gameplay elements and doesn’t name it after a number, I’m all good.

    • Art style really doesn’t need experimenting with. It is perfect. I would like the same style, completely new creative environments (this has never been a problem with Rayman games) a few new gameplay aspects and maybe a few new modes/other features. I wouldn’t want them to change TOO much.

  4. I sooooo hope this is a thing. I absolutely LOVE Rayman (especially in 2D)! Just can’t get enough of it. They don’t even have to change up the formula, just add some new areas and maybe some powers.

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