Sony Reveals New PlayStation Store

Remember that little snippet about the PlayStation Store getting a “new look”? It’s here, if you want to refresh your memory. Well, it was all (naturally) true, and at a special press reveal this morning in London – Sony are currently showing it off to us.

Many PlayStation owners have (rightly) voiced their opinions on the current PSN Store – it’s a little confusing, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for and it’s generally quite slow, with some icons and sections failing to load completely.


The new store, which is apparently coming very soon (there’s PSN maintenance on Monday, which might be pertinent…) takes lots of comments and feedback on board, and aims to create a massively improved experience for everyone.

We’ll have a full report on the new Store shortly, complete with interviews with key executives responsible for the changes and hopefully some answers to the questions we’ve all been asking for some time now. Stay tuned to TheSixthAxis today for all the news first hand.



  1. A bit to late in the PS3 cycle, shoulda left it as it is and just focused on the PS4 unless it’s just like a few people running the PS3 development now and have no intentions of working on the PS4.

    • To be fair, the redesign would’ve taken two programmers and a designer not too long to sort out. I hope they have the functionality through the roof now. A lick of paint is always nice but it needs to function beautifully seeing as it’s hammered by millions every week.

  2. I would like a system where you can delete a games contents, but choose to keep the Icon in your XMB so you can go there and download it again if you like.
    That way you could manage your own download list.

  3. I don’t care how it looks as long as it is easy to navigate, trying to second guessfr where Sony have put something before resorting to a search is frustrating.

  4. Certainly -looks- nice. Hopefully it functions just as good as it looks.

  5. Layout looks better, it’s more modern and easier to navigate

    But if (as it looks at this early stage) there’s no web interface to the store to remotely download & manage content like you other platforms it’s a bit of a joke and yet more Sony missed opportunity.

    All competition including Android, Steam, Microsoft, Amazon does it, along with Apple (via crappy software). Being able to download something & have it waiting for you when you get home is not only just good service, it’s a huge revenue opportunity where impulse sales alone would pay for the investment

    • Sony simply haven’t got a clue, sometimes. Why they’ve insisted on ignoring this is beyond me. Sure, there will always be a few misfires with most systems/projects/etc., but this is catastrophically bad development if they’ve left it out once again.

  6. looks very gran turismo :) i like

  7. looks slick lets hope it’s easier to navigate still

  8. Clearly a Metro rip off.

  9. I really hope the downloads list has been revamped.
    It’s a pain to have to search through thousands of items to find those games that aren’t on the store anymore. (Like Afterburner both on PSP and Outrun on PS3)

  10. Looks good but only time will tell if this is any better or even more confusing

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