Del Toro Still Keen on Going Insane Without THQ

Guillermo del Toro’s trilogy of horror games was ditched by a restructuring THQ earlier this year. When his mate, Danny Bilson, left the embattled publisher there was a lot of speculation about how sensible it was to bank on an unproven videogame concept from a movie director. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the company’s new boss, Jason Rubin, decided to drop their support for the project.

But it seems that Mr. del Toro isn’t quite ready to give up on his dream of a trilogy of terrifying games. He’s told a panel at the New York Comic Con that the project is being shopped around, looking for a new development team and someone to publish the games.


Guillermo del Toro would like Valve, in an ideal world. That makes some sense, that company is one of the few remaining who will take risks – or can afford to. But they’re also a developer known for keeping a tight grip on their development so welcoming a concept that’s already been in development might go against the company’s modus operandi.

Ellen McLain, the iconic voice of GLaDOS in Valve’s Portal games, was announced as the voice of an artificial intelligence in del Toro’s upcoming sci-fi movie, Pacific Rim which also stars Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman and Idris Elba. Sounds like it’ll be great, now if we can only get Jonathan Coulton to do the theme tune…

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  1. I was kind of excited for this triology. Del Toro has a crazy mind and I’d love to see what he can bring to the gaming table. I really liked Pan’s Labyrinth, which I watched around the time the triology was announced.

    • yeah, I think I agree. I think this is a really interesting concept and it has loads of potential – I just don’t think it’s a safe bet for any developer or publisher (especially THQ!) to invest in such a costly project with no guarantee of any kind of success.

      It would be great to see del Toro’s vision in a videogame though, so hopefully someone with bags of cash has a charitable moment and backs it.

      • Yeah, I don’t see this being very successful but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a great game.

  2. To answer your question Peter, i am the very definition and physical incarnation of Insanity. Isn’t that right mr flibbles? *holds up a sock puppet* :p

    I suspect Del Toro is best off going to Valve and swallow his pride. But if they like what they see, they may allow him to continue with the first game. If that fails, then he should turn to kickstarter. :) Unless Sony are willing to help him out in exchange for the exclusive rights to it as they have done it before. I think. Could be wrong. I wonder if MS would be willing to help him out as they do tend to help small developers out via XBLA but i don’t think what Toro is trying to do is suited for it.

    • I think inSane is a large-scale, expensive project – that’s why THQ dumped it. It’s a risk for anyone to pick up because del Toro is unproven in this medium.

      It’s also a bad time to get a new project into a major publisher because they’re all shifting budgets (and increasing budgets, I think) to focus on what they’re doing for the next round of consoles. Securing a pot of spare cash to back a risky project in that kind of climate isn’t going to be an easy pitch.

  3. It can’t be developed/published by valve because it’s supposed to be a trilogy of games. :)

  4. i can’t wait to see something of Pacific Rim.
    all they’ve shown so far are a few stills and a poster that seems to show a small part of the Jaeger mech, well, relatively small considering how it dwarfs the people standing on it.
    from what i’ve read it seems to be inspired by some of the classic mecha anime, where there’s a war with some enemy, be they aliens, another country or some strange, and the war is being lost and the only hope is some old mech that holds some kind of unknown power.

    there’ aren’t enough giant mecha movies being made, i think one of the last really good mecha movie was Robot Jox.

    anyway, i hope Del Toro can get Insane made somewhere, i’d love to see what he could do with a horror themed game.
    i’ve been a fan of his work since i saw one of his earliest movies, Cronos, a great take on vampire mythology.

    actually, now i think about it, i’m gonna have to see if i can pick up a dvd copy of the movie, i saw it years ago on laserdisc round a mates house.

    • also there’s talk of a third Hellboy movie lately, i’d love to see that happen too.

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