Elgato Game Capture HD Winner

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Elgato are sponsoring the TSA F1 2012 Championship, and as part of this we ran a giveaway across TSA and twitter for a very nifty Game Capture HD.

That giveaway ended late last night and I had the tricky task of trawling through the 28 Championship entries, 211 entries via TSA and 288 twitter entries that we had. A whopping 527!

The number drawn was 243, and counting through in the order I listed above, that gives us the 4th twitter entry we had, which came from @winreviewMIKED. Though I’m sure the speed of his entry actually had very little to do with him actually winning…

Naturally we hope that Mike enjoys the device, recording video and uploading his crazy game based shenanigans to Youtube for the whole world to see!

Thanks once again to Elgato for coming along with such a fantastic prize for us to put up for grabs on TSA, and for sponsoring the TSA F1 2012 Championship.

As a little postscript regarding the F1 Championship itself, apologies for the delay to the video reveal of groups and tracks going up. Yesterday was a very busy day on TSA, and cracks were slipped through.

In lieu of this, I have emailed everyone involved revealing who is paired up, what car they’ll be driving and what day they’re racing on. So you have all the information you need for the first week of racing, and can ease back from the edge of your seat a little until the follow up post arrives tonight.



  1. Great prize, looks the slightly better of the big three capture devices, should be some great gaming moments recorded, congrats to the winner.

  2. Congrats to the winner. Killer prize! Are you sure you can’t just send it to me instead :D

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