Trailer Park October 13th 2012

Greetings, one and all.

This weeks Trailer Park has Crysis 3, Need For Speed and is late and has a bad head because it was out clubbing till 7am. On with the show!

Assassin’s Creed 3 – Official Weapons & Combat Trailer
This game is will have more trailers than Prometheus by the time it’s released.

Marching Band Video Games Tribute
Music from the Ohio State University Marching Band performing a tribute to video games which is utterly awesome.

Lost Planet 3 – Ten Minute Gameplay Video

007 Legends Introduction Movie
No sign of Adele’s ‘Sky Foal’.

Need For Speed Most Wanted – The Most Wanted Trailers
More cars, more racing, more brown trousers.

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  1. The perfect thing to round off a sort of good 19th birthday? This should kill some time.

  2. Topia on iOS…. why?

  3. The Ohio State University Marching Band are yet again showing themselves to be absolutely incredible with that piece of sorcery.

    Script Ohio is always my favourite thing to watch. I’m in a concert band but as we’re the only band in the town we have to do a fair bit of marching as well but I find it incredibly difficult to both play well and march well at the same time, never mind dreaming of performing such incredibly complex manoeuvres.

  4. That marching band was awesome!

  5. That marching band was incredible, i can’t believe that video’s got so few views!

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