PlayStation All Stars Beta Opening to Plus Subscribers, Vita Owners

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on Sony’s upcoming super star-studded brawler but you’ve been left out of the closed beta so far, well, you’re in for a treat. The beta is preparing to smash wide open to PlayStation Plus subscribers tomorrow and, so that they can play with their Vita-owning bros, it’s also going wide open to owners of the handheld – no Plus subscription required.

The new beta will allow you to play with six different characters – Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, PaRappa and Fat Princess. There will be two different stages to play on – Metropolis and Hades and you’ll be able to play in 4 player online tournaments and 2v2 player tournaments against your mates using the friend invite system.


They’ve also unveiled the rest of the alternate costumes you’ll get as part of the pre-order bonuses they’re running for the cross-play brawler:

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Guess I will have to wait for this to hit non-plussers.

  2. Icwutudidthar. It was painful :P

  3. Unfortunately, the playstation store is currently undergoing maintenance .
    I like that they are opening it up for vita owners.

    Is the PsVita store going to look like the ps3 one?

    • good job its not available until tomorrow then……….

  4. I’ll only pick this up if they release some post launch DLC that includes Rayman and some Final Fantasy characters…

  5. Looking forward to playing it on the PS3, enjoyed playing it on Vita but still undecided on whether it works on Vita or not. Also nice to be able to play as Sly Cooper this time.

    • I’ll be challenging you!
      Warning: I suck at pulling those super moves, have yet to understand most of them :p

  6. Two extra characters on the new beta, cool. Played it on the Vita but I’m really eager to try it on the PS3. I found the Vita screen small on several occasions, the action being zoomed out made me loose track of my character.
    I wonder if I can my vita beta against my ps3 beta using the same wifi…

    • I had exactly the same problem as you, except on the bigger screen at eurogamer!

      Just too much going on at once to effectively keep an eye on your character as far as i am concerned. I am guessing Smash Bros is the same though.

      • Never played Smash Bros. I think we can’t keep track of everything, but at least we should be able to track our one fighter :p
        We’ll see how it goes with a normal TV screen ;) You up for a fight?

      • Nah, ‘fraid not – After really not liking it at egx, i decided i am not having anything to do with it.

        Plus, there is the fact that i am not a plusser or a Vita owner… ;)

  7. Will give this a go. Not really been interested in this so far so this may sway me to get it.

  8. Sweet! I’ll be trying out both versions, can’t wait!

  9. I can’t say i’m hugely interested in this, not really my genre but i’ll check it out anyway.

    • Same here. At least if you try the Beta and still don’t like it you’ve given it a chance.

    • Me neither, was hoping it would be a Super Smash Bros type fun affair rather than a more serious fighter. Oh well, at least the beta will let me try it out

  10. can not wait for this game to be released.

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