SingStar Moving To Free To Play Model

PlayStation 3 gamers who try to access the SingStar Viewer app have been greeted by a message informing them that  it is no longer available.

“Support for the SingStar Viewer has been discontinued. The complete SingStar experience will be available as a free download very soon!”

The official SingStar Twitter feed has tweeted that ‘News coming your way next week, I should think.’


The move makes perfect sense as Sony move to reposition the PS3 as a family friendly games centre, distributing the game and a few songs for free then generating revenue using the online store.

Source: ShackNews / Twitter



  1. Seems a good idea. I always thought the songs were a little overpriced given that we’d paid for the game too.

  2. How has this taken 6 years?
    Why wasn’t this in the PS Store when Singstar was released for the PS3, or why wasn’t it even included when they released the Singstar Viewer?

  3. Whilst inevitable, it seems like it will now be out of sight & out of mind & a long way from the driving force that catapulted the PS2 into living rooms around the world.

    A few versions around this time of year were an easy Christmas present for my wife & daughter, some credit isn’t really an alternative.

  4. And worse, every song in locked to one PS3 instead of the former 5 and current 2. I’ll have to phone them asking to let me change my downloaded songs from one console to the other. How’s that for retarded.

    • Wrong, it ONE! It never been the dizzy hights of 2. It always been 1 on SingStore. You buy a Song (SingStar Track) to be download on 1 system only.

      • I know, that’s exactly what I wrote in my first comment :)

    • They will allow you download again do it if:-

      1) If PS3 is broken
      2) If PS3 is stolen

      If they do, then you have to wait 7 days! until can donwload it again on your new PS3.

    • Yup. I came across this when I moved over to my slim. Was a bit of a faf but it got sorted fairly easily. Something to do with DRM/Music licences…

      • I’ll have to call them this week and see how it goes. Before this free to play somehow changes their policy :p

      • After 7 minutes waiting on the line, listening to crapy music, waiting for someone to pick up, I gave up. In that time I spent almost the same as buying 2 songs. Not worth it unless you have a lot of them to recover :/

  5. if I still can’t sing like Fabio Lione, Michele Luppi or Ville Valo… then grr. irgored even longer.

  6. The game is dead, update has 4/5 songs only and most are bland ’00’s songs. When it was first released you would get updates with 15/20 songs!

    • Yep, the Cowell-isation of pop music over the past 7 or 8 years has changed the scene dramatically.

      Away from that with Take That, Abba, 80’s, 90’s girly compilations and most configurations you can think of already out the way it must be difficult to get a full release together & with lack of retail presence & gift buying opportunities that brings, it will wither at an even faster pace.

  7. Also a prime candidate for cross play. IMO

    Would be cool to be able to choose which song I’m going to kill after my mates have finished killing theirs.. :0

    • Cocked that comment up… :/

      Would be cool to be able to choose which song I’m going to kill with the Vita, whilst my mates are still killing their song.. :0

      Nope. Still cant construct the sentence I’m trying too…. Close enough tho.

      • You can.
        With a PSP or a Vita.

      • Really? How? Cant say I’ve tried that hard, but not seen anything obvious..

      • Haha. Sussed it. Pretty cool, never really looked into it, normally drunk when singstar goes on :-P

  8. I wonder where this will leave the loyal followers. I own every Singstar US Disc and I am sure purchased over one hundred songs over the years. It is a awesome experience with a room full of people. I will support anything they do if they don’t screw me out of my prior purchases (like they did making me re-buy PS3 tracks instead of importing them from my PS2 disks) AND if it brings tons of more content to the platform. The free to play might drive more online competition.

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