Sleeping Dogs’ Nightmare In North Point DLC Announced

United Front Games has announced a Halloween themed DLC for ‘Sleeping Dogs’ entitled ‘Nightmare in North Point.’ The announcement was made at the New York Comic Con.

The DLC will introduce zombies and vampires to ‘Sleeping Dogs’, with the story for ‘Nightmare’ being inspired by Chinese mythology. The story begins when a gang member is killed by the Triad but comes back to life, raising other undead in the process. Wei Shen, Sleeping Dogs’ protagonist, is required to take care of the threats.


The release date for ‘Nightmare in North Point’ is October 30th but a price for the DLC has not yet been announced.

Source: Videogamer



  1. Red Dead Redemption has a lot to answer for :)

    I actually really like Sleeping Dogs so I might get this, depending on the price though

  2. Hardly original but, hey, more Sleeping Dogs can only be a good thing :-)

  3. Loved this game. Dlc is most welcome.

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