Disaster Strikes In New SimCity Trailer

EA has released a new trailer for SimCity, this time focusing on what happens when disaster strikes in three different types of cities.

The video highlights four of the disasters that will appear in the game including earthquakes, meteorites, tornadoes and UFO invasions. Of course, these won’t be the only disasters in game. The trailer also shows how the cities cope in the aftermath of the disasters, depending on how much presence the emergency services have.

SimCity is expected to release in February 2013, on PC and Mac.



  1. Can’t wait to raise Volcanos….. *evil*

  2. Really want this. Sadly it will break my PC so not going to happen…yet.

  3. looks like they like the sound of Stephen Fry but don’t want to pay for him ;-)

  4. Really, really want this.

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