You Can Now Use Paypal To Add To Your PSN Wallet

We’re waiting on official word on this, but from what we’re hearing it’s now (or at least will be very shortly) possible to add funds to your PlayStation Network wallet from PayPal.

Until today, the only ways to add funds was via a credit card, or via pre-paid vouchers. Now, as part of Sony’s big Store refresh, there’s a third option, so if you’re a PayPal user this is no doubt very welcome news indeed.


Apparently it’s via the site. Go there, go to Account and then Wallet, and a PayPal option should appear. We’ll update if there’s a press release or Blog post forthcoming.

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  1. Well, you don’t have to wait for an official announcement, as this is already live on But only for EU accounts, as far as I could verify.

    • I’m in Europe(Norway) and there is nothing about Paypal there for me :(

  2. Is it ever going to be possible to add less than a fiver?

    • Lol story of my life

    • Why would you want to? It’s not like the additional funds you don’t use go anywhere & most things tend to be not much less than £5 anyway (more in most cases).

      Personally, i think £5 is fine for the lowest tier. If the lowest tier was £20 for example (or god forbid £50!), i would be right with you.

      • The problem is that with Sony pushing their marketplace for small games at £1 with the PS Suite, it is ridiculous to add a fiver to buy a £1 game. This is exactly what Apple does, and it works wonders. I’d refrain from buying a game if I had to put down on my card 5 times the game’s price tag.

      • But as i mentioned, it isn’t as if that money is being wasted – It’s still there for the next time you feel like buying a £1 game. Or four.

        It’s exactly the same as buying PSN credit for the store, as that’s lowest increment is also £5. Except it’s a direct transaction between you & Sony rather than you & game/shopto/whoever.

        As i also mentioned, i would find merit in this statement if you were to lose the money that you hadn’t spent, but you don’t. I would also be peeved if it was a higher threshold. But it isn’t.

        A fiver is pocket change & you aren’t losing any of it, so i don’t see the issue.

      • But some weeks I don’t have a fiver to spare on games.


      • I don’t want to be ‘that guy’, but the way I look at it, it’s a little bit like filling up a car – If you want to use it at some point in the future, you keep it topped up to a level you are comfortable with. I don’t know many people that when they want to take a journey, they put in the exact amount of petrol that the journey is going to guzzle. They put in a set amount that they are comfortable with ahead of time & use what they need to when they need to.

        It’s like anything in life where if you cannot afford something at that time, it takes a backseat until you can afford it. I don’t think any game has been released that has needed to be bought the day it came out. Many have wanted it on that day of course (possibly including myself), but no-one needed it. :)

      • Honestly I’d prefer it to be limitless, don’t see why I should have to take out a fiver for a new avatar or Capcom skin.

      • Capcom skins probably cost a fiver anyway! :P

    • Doubt it, National Lottery recently put their minimum up from £5 to £10 so I hope Sony don’t get any ideas.

  3. Somehow I consider Pay pal less secure. Not an option for me, I keep using my creditcard. Using Pay pal would just add an extra layer for me.

    • Paypal less secure than PSN? lol.

    • eh

    • I consider PayPal 100% more secure than PSN.

      PayPal is used by lots of huge retailers online. Great service.

      • Back in the days I opened a PayPal account and within a month it got hacked and they tried to charge 3000€ from my bank account. I used a completely unique password that I did not use anywhere else and I never logged in to PayPal through some shady phishing site.
        I guess it goes without saying that I do not trust them with any of my information. Sony might have been hacked but at least nobody tried to charge my credit card…

  4. I’m pleased, I don’t want to put my card details into the PSN again and i use PayPal a lot so this is a very convenient alternative to PSN cards, nice!

  5. Great, great news… Now I won’t need to keep going to the shop to buy credit

  6. This is great news. I don’t think I will use it, as the conversion rate from PayPal is far less friendly for me, but all in all is good that the store accepts one of the most used methods for online payments :)

  7. Does this mean we can top up the wallet from PayPal itself (in a browser on the ol’ PC, etc)? That’d be superb!

  8. This is great, might just switch to Paypal then.

  9. That’s very handy. I always try to use PayPal where possible – I wish they did a loyalty scheme!!

  10. I rather use the vouchers to be honest. Just prefer using them that’s all. Although i do hope Sony will ensure that hacking into paypal via PSN is next to impossible as i’ve heard some awful stories about the 360 and Paypal. :S Of course, i think that may have just been through Fifa 12.

    I’m glad they have not decided to switch to a points based system. Imagine trying to figure out how many PSN points equals a quid if SCEE are in charge of it. :O

    • Agree with you there, I really dislike the dreadful point system that the xbox has.

      Oh, something costs 1200 MSP, great, what the hell is that in real world money?

      • Too much. :)

      • They even make Capcom games dearer, latest is 1600 now we’re seeing prices like £15.99 for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure which completely puts me off. I’m sure SF3 is better and thankfully its £12 I don’t mind that or the £8 price point.

        MS points needs to be scraped for the sake of Future Capcom games…. incase they rise to £21.99 (2100)

      • EA used to use the 1p = 1MSP policy and we ended up with DAO:A being sold for £32.99 on the store for a few years. :-/ The sooner MS points are scrapped the better as in theory it should balance the market. :) That and we would know how much something actually costs in cash.

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