Torn Banner Launches Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

After successfully raising an impressive $85,934, Torn Banner Studios yesterday delivered on its Kickstarter promise as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare went live on Steam.

Steve Piggott and the development team originally took to the crowd-funding site with $50,000 in mind. However with such a firm premise and a healthy dose of pre-release media to drool over it wasn’t long before investors came pouring in.


Chivalry is available now via Steam for £18.99. Those who backed the game through Kickstarter may be entitled to a free copy depending on which funding tier they selected.

From what we’ve played it’s definitely something out of the ordinary and can’t be directly compared to Fatshark’s recent release, War of the Roses. Combat is a lot more frantic and though there isn’t as much customisation, the objective-orientated game modes are a fantastically cinematic inclusion.



  1. Its like £15.50 on Gamersgate with a Steam code.. I’m so tempted.

  2. Oh my gosh…. well. i think i’m buying this. This is the first i’ve heard of it, but it looks really amazing. It reminds me of a more realistic Mount and Blade, which i got obsessed. I literally lived on Mount & Blade: Warband for days. I forgot to eat.

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