Sony Teases “The Reload”

What’s this? A new game? A new service? A new set of adverts?


This video, just issued today on the official PlayStation channel, gives little away apart from a date – the 23rd of October – which is likely to tie into the PlayStation Store.

That said, it could also be related to PlayStation All Stars, there’s at least one subtle reference to Ape Escape in there if you look hard enough.

And that’s the same woman from the Michael SCEA ads.

We’ll see next week.

Via GAF.



  1. That’s the same chick from the mash up advert, erm, David or whatever it was.

  2. 23rd october is the day the PS store revamp goes up for America. If it works.

    • HATE YOU *Sulks*

      • Pwned, or whatever they say these days :D

      • If you want Tuffcub, the TSA staff bot could have an accident leaving you to regain your spot as TSA’s number 1 news reporter. *slides dodgy card over*

  3. Cole is coming new advert maybe.

  4. we’re finally getting CS:GO? ^_^

  5. Dunno what it could be but places money on it going tits up and being delayed.

  6. As pointed out on GAF :

    There’s “Saru Get You” on the desk, which is Ape Escape.

    There’s also a Limbo City postcard, which is from DmC.

    • Both characters in Playstation all star battle royal. So it’s probably a teaset for a TV-ad for the game.

      • Yup, imagining some kind of Michael-esque advert with PSABR characters. Will probably have a cutdown version for TV. Probably co-incide with PSABR preorder on NA PSN, too. PS Store will have this video on the main screen.

        Or something.

  7. Cross game chat? :)

    • aww dang it, i should have thought of that one. ^_^

      • Heh :) It’s just one of those posts everybody should get to put up at least once, just to be “that person that mentioned cross-game chat”.

  8. The music gives it a Killzone feel imho.
    If this is to announce the new store, I bet there are/were a handfull of games where the advertising money would be put to a better use.

  9. It was the Playstation Store going tits up.

  10. Could be new advertising for Sony games. Doubt we’ll see KB back on-screen so it would sensible for them to kickstart something else.

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