Need For Speed Kinect Trailer

EA has released a new trailer which demonstrates how to upgrade your vehicle using voice commands.


  1. It feels like they’re very much pushing the Criterion in all the media about this game.

    Kinect integration looks pretty thorough as well.

  2. How is addning Kinect support going to increase the experience? Apart from Knight Rider, body drives a car without having a control device in their hands. You will grow some enormous biceps from having your arms up in the air the whole time.

  3. The tagline “Better with Kinect” is definitely inaccurate. I suggest they change their marketing campaign to reflect this inaccuracy

  4. I don’t know what to say other than: Terrible!

    “say ‘Look around’ to make the camera spin 360degrees around the car […] because sometimes people forget you can use the right stick to move the camera around…”

    my god

  5. Finally.

    For too long owners of racing wheels have looked down upon us poor gamepad drivers with pity/disgust. Now we both have something to look down on.

  6. That’s a tough sell but they’ve done a decent job. Still… very “meh” to be honest. Especially at competitive level but it’s not all about that so it might be okay.

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