Team Meat Announce ‘Mew-Genics’

The developers behind ‘Super Meat Boy’, Team Meat, have announced their new game this week, entitled ‘Mew-Genics’. Details on which platforms the game will release on were not revealed.

Edmund McMillen wrote about the announcement on the Team Meat blog, saying the project idea came from a game jam weekend. The only information about the game that has been released so far tells us that ‘Mew-Genics’ “will be randomly generated, strange and involve cats.” It has been described by Edmund as “the strangest project I’ve ever worked on.”


There was also an update on the Super Meat Boy title for iOS, with Edmund writing that it is still in development, but will be put on hold until ‘Mew-Genics’ has been completed.




  1. Just watched the Indie Game documentary this weekend, that followed the developement of Super Meat Boy and Fez. Gotta say I liked Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes. They were nice guys, who worked their asses off for Super Meat Boy.
    If you love video games, I recommend watch Indie Game, its a great documentary and it will definitely change the way you see the development process of an independent game.

    • Really? I watched that docs and thought all the devs came across as childish, selfish, self imported twats.

      • I thought they come across really well! Phil Fish, he didn’t come over so well, but I think he was under incredible stress from so many different angles that he was collapsing under the weight of it all.
        But I like the Team Meat guys, I was well pleased to see their reactions to the success at the end.

      • I cant remember which one it was but one of the really lays in to COD calling it “Shit” and how he could never work on a COD game.

        I thought that was very offensive to the hundreds of people who work on COD which is most definatly not shit. It was a childish comment and very unprofessional.

      • That was Tommy from Team Meat, probably not his most proud moment, but he was not alone in that, the developer of braid made a very similar comment too, however put in a much more professional manner.
        I cant argue against your point, it was a ludicrous statement, but my overall feeling was that they all worked incredibly hard, under some very big stresses to create their games. They impressed me with that

      • I’ve the documentary and this is overreacting in my opinion. Saying that COD is shit is not the same as saying that people that play or develop COD are shit. Assuming otherwise and getting angry at someone for expressing his opinion about a game and what he’d like to work is immature at best. Everyone dislikes at least a a game or two, the guy was just speaking his mind out in a sincere way. People say that a game is really bad (or shit) on a daily basis, the difference to me is that some people can’t accept that a game they like so much can be “shit” to other people.

  2. Loved and hated Super Meat Boy so it’s fair to say that I’m very interested to find out what this new project is all about.

  3. Strange and involving cats? I’m convinced already! :D

    I’m still waiting for those ‘cat cafes’ from japan to make an appearance in London :p

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