Announcing Our PS Vita Winner

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we’re giving away a PlayStation Vita in conjunction with the lovely people at Argos and now it’s time to announce who the lucky winner was!

The winner was: Stormy!

Congratulations if that was you and commiserations if it wasn’t. Stormy has already been contacted and Argos will have his Vita on its way to him as soon as possible.

If you’re still in the competition mood though we’re giving away a Meccano Gears of War King Raven over here, and there’s more to come from TheSixthAxis…


  1. Congrats, Stormy. :-)

    Lovely touch linking to the original entry on the article.

  2. Congratulations on the win, what a superb prize and great timing if all other Christmas presents this year turn out to be shite. :P

  3. Congrats to the winner, good choice of username as well :P

  4. Congratulations, Stormy. Nice to see an older member win too!

  5. Congrats Stormy. Although you will recieve Madjunk boy as well due to him somehow being an extra prize. :O

  6. Congrats stormy!
    Now, where do you live?… :P

  7. Yay, thanks very much. This was a great surprise and I can’t wait to try it out. It’s not often I win anything on competitions. Thanks TSA and Argos (in advance). Now the question is which game to buy first? :-)

    • You should get Send it to me or i’ll hit you with a baseball bat:2012 edition. :P

      Joking aside, UC:GA, get some PS1 classics onto it, MGS Peace walker although the controls are said to be awful, LBP. There are more but i can’t think of them. :O

    • Definitely pick up Uncharted. I’ve actually never played it on Vita but it looks so good!

    • MONSTER HUNTER. Nuff said.

    • Uncharted Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins, Little Big Planet Vita, (or if into racing games) Wipeout 2048, are all good games to start with.
      I would also recommend Sound Shapes, its something different :)

      Also make sure you pick up the free games on the store. Treasures of Montezuma; Blitz is a free puzzle game which is really a hidden gem. Ecolibrium (spelling) may take your fancy too.

      You also have some free AR games; Cliff Diving, Table football, Fireworks, moving to the £1.59 games of PulzAR (which is the best AR game), Table top tanks, and the new hockey game which has just released.

      On top of that you can transfer over certain PSN classics. I think TSA posted an article with all the titles you can transfer onto Vita.

      That’s all I think :P

      • Thanks for the suggestions, ill check them out. Uncharted looks cool as do free options, that’s always cool!

    • Nice. Congratulations :)

      Enjoy it! I’m not jealous (not even a little bit :P)

    • Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward or ACIII Liberation, or any game really. There’s several quality exclusive to choose from. Son, you won’t be disappoint.

  8. Great prize. Congrats!

  9. Congrats dude, enjoy the new toy :)

  10. Stormy, Stormy, STORMY!??? WTH…..!!!!

    I kid, congrats and enjoy your Vita! :)

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