Sony’s Teasing Leads To PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Live Action Trailer

So after all the teasing over the last week or so it turns out the live action trailer is, as we’d all guessed, for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


The full length version of the trailer, above, finds Drake and Cole giving each other a good kicking before Kratos and Sackboy join the party.

Sadly Sony’s budget has not run to bringing back the voice actors which almost spoils the trailer as the wise cracking Nathan Drake does not utter a word, not even an ‘Oh crap’ when Kratos arrives.

Source: YouTube.



  1. Kratos does not look right at all something looks very wrong. The trailer meh!! Can’t beat Michael..

    • I actually think this trailer is pretty good.

      • It’s not the same without them talking, I want hear Kratos shout, drake making a cheeky remark about kratos manly skirt lol.

        Also sly cooper over sack boy. I’m sick of people using kratos in the beta.

      • It’s quite dark, bears no likeness to the camp-as-tits game.

  2. Is it only me who has no interest whatsoever in this game?

    • I was like that but try the beta if you ps plus member highly addictive!

    • Same here. At first I was kind of psyched about it with all the potential for iconic Sony or third party characters making it into the roster but the ones they picked aren’t what I hoped they would be.

    • No, it’s not just you – I was tempted by it once, but after playing it at egx, its now nowhere near my ‘to buy’ list.

      In fact, it’s made it to my ‘avoid’ list, as it was just a confusing mess to me.

    • Having played the beta I’m now not interested in this at all.

    • Personally I wasn’t interested in this at all until I played the beta. Now I’m definitely going to grab it at some point, once you get used to the organised chaos it is very fun.

    • Have no interest at all in the game, but liked that trailer :)

  3. I loved it!!! :P + it seems whatever SONY do there are people who have to moan about it on the internet, Zzzzzzz LoL:D

    • God forbid people should have their own opinion.

    • No JBoo – You are the only one having a moan & including Sony in the equation here.

      From what i have read, people are either saying they like it, or they don’t (& a bit of an offshoot about whether people are interested or not). Which they are perfectly entitled to do. No mention of Sony being at fault or boycotts or anything to that affect at all.

      If you check, people on the internet find plenty of things to moan about that are completely unrelated to Sony!

  4. the trailer is ok, but Kratos looks odd.

  5. Should have got Kev to play Drake. Been much better.

  6. Tis okay but the lack of voices stops it from being good. Plus, you can’t have Drake in a live action trailer and not make a remark. He should have taken the piss out of Kratos before ducking a blade of chaos. And Sackboy, why didn’t he have the paintgun or the big fists?

    Also, i thought ASBR’s art style was a bright coloured one? Not Sony Fight Club. as the trailer makes it seem like it’s aimed at 16 and above.

  7. I’m wondering why Drake and Cole are fighting – and why the look suprised when Sackboy zooms in and Kratos appears. Just a few months ago they were all chatting and have a drink in a pub like freinds of old.

    Is it me or does the area the bloke is sweeping up look very Assassin’s Creed-y?

    • The beginning of it in the street and the car reminded me of MGS4 on the bit just before you meet Big Mama.

      I was expecting Snake to crawl out from it. Ahh… i wish!

  8. This wasn’t even half as good as “Michael”, still interested in the game though.

  9. That was quite cool. Not sure if i’ll get this though. It depends how flooded i am with other games!

    That sackboy was so cute! :D

  10. Thought that was a pretty good trailer but as you said needed some voice actors, Drake should have said something at least!

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