Firmware 4.30 Released, And It’s Not All Good

If it wasn’t bad enough that the latest PlayStation 3 firmware culls Life With PlayStation, it introduces a couple of things that people might not get on with at all, including a fairly major change to the way Trophies are displayed, especially if you don’t have a Vita.


It seems, from the briefest of tests, that Trophies are now kept online, rather than on the hard drive – much like they are on the PS Vita. This means that when you choose to view your silverware be prepared for a fairly substantial wait – and on the first run you can’t back out of it until it’s done.

If you choose to switch to ‘offline’ mode (press Triangle to change) you won’t be able to see your Vita Trophies, which was really the whole point of the update, although it will be a bit quicker.

Naturally, once it’s fully synced it’s a bit quicker and the ability to see your Vita Trophies is clearly a bonus for those of us with both consoles, but it’s also clear that the implementation between the two sets is very different, requiring something of a fudge to get them displaying together.

Remember that Trophies have moved now, they’re under the PSN column.

Secondly, that SingStar icon we mentioned yesterday? It’s baked into the Firmware, meaning it can’t be moved or deleted – it’s always there. I’d have hoped this was a downloadable application and be invisible without the user’s action, but that’s not the case. Sadly, although it’s hardly a massive deal, that XMB is started to feel like there’s a lot of unused chaff in amongst the rows and columns.

Most frustrating, though, is that the issue with Vita-playing friends on your PS3’s XMB hasn’t been addressed. Surely the two systems use the same network – why can’t we see what they’re playing from the Friends list?



  1. one step forwards, two steps back.

  2. Whats the effing deal with Sony Europe! Why would they shoe horn this sing star crap in and still not give europe it’s Youtube App (well Ireland anyway), this is just awful prioritising from SCEE. Sick of there crap now.

    I wonder if Sony Japan realise that SCEE are turning european customers off them?

    • Youtube won’t make them additional revenue. At least not like Singstar purchases would.

  3. It has been suggested on the eu PS Blog that Sony is responding to considerable user comments/e-mails asking for a feature to hide Singstar from the XMB…. but it probably won’t be until the next firmware update.

  4. So, when is the next firmware due?

  5. I updated to 4.30 last night and, TBH, cant see why people care about Singstar in the games menu on the XMB. There are numerous things on the XMB I will never use so, just skip past them.

    Too many keyboard warriers that dont like change ;-)

  6. I’m I really the only one with sound issues?..

    My sound was stuttering and I fixed it by setting the sound not automatic with HDMI but selected only the 5.1 versions in the selection list.

  7. Just to say that my trophy sync took no longer than normal and that I can still fold on both PS3’s, so all in all a good update :)

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