More DiRT Teased, Looks Likely To Continue In The Same Direction

[drop2]Whilst the DiRT series has long since abandoned its McRae routes, preferring instead to cater for an audience far less interested in pure rallying – at least the developers aren’t pretending otherwise anymore.

Seen on Twitter this morning, Codemasters’ Paul Coleman has been teasing fans with a handful of images, the first of which is to the right, the second is here and the third, here.


Coleman is Codemasters’ Chief Game Designer, and works exclusively on the DiRT games, something that’s reinforced by his message. “Commence your speculation,” he wrote, before adding the “#DiRT” hashtag.

Not a great deal of speculation needed, then, although of course this could end up being anything at all. It’s unlikely to just be DLC – it’s been a year since we first saw DiRT 3. That rally car’s hardly inconspicuous, though, is it, and it’s clearly something to do with the wheel setup photographed in one of the other (Instagrammed up) images he Tweeted.




  1. I’m guessing i won’t be interested. Still waiting for a game this gen which recaptures the enjoyment i got from Colin Mc Rae 3 on ps2.

    • Absolutely, totally, and utterly agree… I guess we may be part of the minority :-(

  2. Wasn’t Showdown made so main series Dirt could return to pure rally?

    • I don’t think that was the specific intention, it was just what people assumed. Dirt Showdown is just a spin off.

      I would actually like to see some DLC for Showdown or Showdown 2 if i am honest. Immense fun online.

      • Google “dirt 4 rally” and the second item is a CVG interview with a codies lead designer who says that it has outgrown a single game, and the next Dirt will shift focus back to the “more traditional elements” of the franchise – which sounds like a return to proper rallying, although I suspect not completely like CMR, probably more like the first Dirt.

      • Codies making a full rally game would be a wet dream come true. However, I’ll take what I can get, as long as it isn’t like Showdown.

        Being like the first DiRT would be more than pleasing in these times, all the other games really needed was more stages.

    • That’s what I thought too. Having said that there is no reason why that car couldn’t be in a proper rally game.

  3. Looking forward to DIRT 4 already… and I wouldn’t say no to Showdown 2 either

  4. I’m hoping WRC will make me happy (Xmas present off the gf), DiRT certainly hasn’t.

  5. I can highly HIGHLY recommend WRC3, it’s a great rally game with focus on rally. It’s not as pretty as Dirt 3, but it runs very smooth and is a more “hardcore” rally experience.

    I’m done with the Dirt series, the third one was such a huge disappointment.

  6. Hmmm, I might get this. It all depends of some of my PSN buddies are going to get it and start throwing loads of TSA-meets. I think I’ll give in to peer-pressure if, you know who you are, are getting it.

  7. well why would Aussie gamers buy the next dirt game when they wont patch showdown, which the online was very poor. In the likes of some events not registering.So i have a broken game that i cant finish.

    • WHOOPS forgot to mention the online problems i think where only in australia.

  8. OK, they are teasing the cars appearance at Top Gear Live for one. Second, there is another pic online of the car before it goes on stage which, crucially, has a new sticker on it that says “Gymkhana GRiD” with GRiD being in the game’s font. So, fairly safe to assume they are referring to a Gymkhana mode within GRiD2….?

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