Insomniac “Took A Page From Resistance” For Upcoming Shooter Fuse

Thursday 2pm? That’ll be the time when the embargo lifts on Insomniac’s new shooter, Fuse, then. A few articles have sprung up, but there’s a notable PlayStation angle with the game, given that it’s currently sitting atop both official Blogs, via an interview with the studio’s Ted Price.

From the text, it seems like the game was born from the desire to create a four player co-op shooter, and only recently changed to ‘Fuse’ when the team needed something to bind the story and the gameplay together. “We made it the driver for the weapons and we made it the core of the progression system,” says Price. “When we did that everything started to click. That was the time when we made the tone shift as well.”

That ‘tone shift’ was what ended up being widely criticised when it was revealed this year – the original art style butchered in favour of a more generic, me-too look and feel. “When we showed off the trailer in 2011, that was for the promise of gameplay that we had then. It was very story-focussed and less gameplay-focussed,” says Price.

Ted confirms that they “took a page from Resistance” and then “went over the top with the visceral nature of each of the weapons and rethought the story in a slightly more grounded fashion.” It apparently “doesn’t adhere to any realistic conventions that we see today, and it is in no way a military sim” – it’s clearly trying to be its own thing.

“I understand too that the change upset some of our fans who saw the trailer in 2011 and expected something very different,” he adds, “but what we have now is actually a better, deeper experience where we have gameplay and story tied more closely.”

Interestingly, this doesn’t tie in with previous claims about focus groups, and that the original style was apparently “something for their little brother“.


  1. not for me, the badies even look like Chimera from what I’ve seen. I personally thought R2 and R3 were very average too.

  2. Looks like the took all of the wrong pages from Resistance 2. All of the boring pages rather than all of the fun pages from FoM

  3. The old trailer looked fantastic, reminding me of The Incredibles in a way. I don’t like the way he tries to justify the more generic setting; creativity in story has no bounds, yet they chose to ‘bind’ it together with a boring one.

  4. If the game can capture some of Resistance 2’s 8 player co-op magic then I’m in, despite the not as good looking as Overstrike graphics

  5. The first trailer seemed a lot more ratchet and clank than resistance. I was ok with that. I really enjoyed r3 but i would enjoy something a bit lighter. Q force is looking like it will be good.

  6. It looks interesting.

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