Crysis 2 Announced As Your First November PlayStation Plus Game

PlayStation Plus continues to deliver, and we’re happy to say the first of next month’s included titles is the EA published Crysis 2.

Although it took a little while to get going, Crysis 2 turned into a really great first person shooter with a slightly different approach and look to it than a lot of others around at the time. It was the first game we featured in our WeView series where you tell us what you think of a certain game each week and in the official TSA review, it scored a solid 8/10.


The blog post also indicates that there will be more details of the Vita content coming to PlayStation Plus very soon.

PlayStation Plus provides what Sony call an Instant Game Collection – lots of games that’re included in the cost of the subscription, which can be monthly, every three months or annually. The games are rotated every few weeks, so make sure if there’s something you like the look of, you start the download process before it rotates out of the promotion again.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Cool, been wanting to try this one. Turning out to be remarkably good value for money, even though I did get plus just for the cloud backup!

  2. It’s a game I rented but never completed so will be nice to go back a finally complete it. Not on par with Crysis imho but a sterling game all the same.

  3. well, not a favourite of mine, but it’s one i don’t have, so that’s nice.

    i have to remember to renew my sub before it expires.

  4. another great game

  5. Looks like my free 30 days of plus will be waiting for another month then! :(

    • So what are you waiting? Skyrim?

      • No (definitely not in fact!), but something i don’t already own might be nice!

      • SONIC R

    • You don’t even know all of the content yet.

      • Admittedly i do not, but it makes much more sense to wait for a game i haven’t played as far as i can see.

        I still have Crysis 2 sat incomplete on my shelf, unlikely to see the console anytime soon. This won’t change that.

      • What if the other 2 free games this month are ones you’ve not played? Are you going to wait for a month with 3 games you’ve not played? Seems a bit silly.

      • Also seems very unlikely with the amount of games i buy tbh.

        I’ll of course wait & see what is offered, but as i only have 30 days free, i think i am likely better off waiting & trying to get the best value out of it.

        If not, i’m not too bothered either tbh – I have more than enough to play & the code was free anyway.

  6. That’s actually a really impressive release for +. Never bothered with it, but it will nestle nicely on my XMB.

  7. Interesting, was recommended to me by a mate but I never got round to picking up, glad about that now.

  8. They would!!
    Literally bought this about 2 weeks ago to rattle of some more of the trophies!!!
    Ah well, trading it tomorrow then :P

  9. Wonder how big the file size of the game is? Must be massive for Crysis.

    The game looks great, but the gameplay is a little tired imo.

    • I was thinking that – I think it had a 3-5GB install on the disc version, so 8-9Gb upwards perhaps?

      • Then that’s not too bad, hope for plusser’s sake that its not up to the extremities of InFamous 2!

      • What was infamous 2’s size then? I recall the first having a large install (disc version), but i thought it was significantly smaller on the second?

        I could well be wrong though – It was some time ago now & i often have trouble remembering last week!

      • 15GB :P Took me 3 weeks to download and I played about an hour of it.

      • Blimey. Is that an exaggeration for comedic effect, or did it actually take 3 weeks??

      • It really took 3 weeks to download? it took me 5 hours.

      • No joke, 3 weeks, obviously the PS3 wasn’t on all the time, but usually a PSN game takes a day or two to download. Have really slow internet so have to wait for moments in the day when its good otherwise it takes years for even a mb to download.

      • Thats nothing compared to super street fighter arcade edition i downloaded that was 18 gig and tbh is all the same f***ing thing over and over and no super smooth graphics like lets say uncharted 3.

      • 3 hours to install….

  10. Wasn’t a fan of the first one at all.

    But hey, free is free so i’ll give it a go.

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