Rockstar Bringing Vice City Back for Mobile Devices

[drop2]Rockstar might be fully into their drawn out tease process for Grand Theft Auto V but that hasn’t stopped them from remembering one of the fan’s favourite instalments in the series has a birthday coming up. In a few days, Vice City turns 10 and Rockstar is throwing it a little party.

They’re releasing an anniversary edition of the game to mobile devices later this “fall” which will include “native, high resolution graphics” and enhancements especially for iOS and Android devices. They’re not listing the devices it’s coming to but hopefully the Nexus 7 is in there, with its simple gamepad support and we’d be amazed if it wasn’t the usual list of more recent Android devices and iOS handsets after the iPhone 4.


They’re also going to be dropping some previously unreleased artwork as part of the anniversary celebrations and they’re cutting together a new trailer featuring some of the iconic scenes and music from the game – which will hopefully all still be intact for the mobile release.

Finally, there will be some limited merchandise available through their Rockstar Warehouse online store but I suspect this will be snapped up very quickly.

Source: Rockstar



  1. And we still don’t have it for ps3…

  2. After playing GTA3 on my phone I doubt I’ll get this as I just hate virtual buttons. Though a Vita version would be nice…

  3. Hopefully this reaches to PlayStation Mobile/the Vita.

  4. I’ll buy it for Vita and nothing else.

  5. Day one purchase :) Loved this game, the first GTA I played, and got me into the franchise

  6. I’ll be interested to see how the Nexus 10 handles this at that silly res.

    My favourite GTA though so may well pick it up.

  7. Really don’t care tbh. Stuff like this is generally not too suited to mobile devices.

    Gimme a HD version that i can play on my PS3 though & i’ll have your babies.

  8. My first and favourite GTA, but I’m not sure whether to get it on the iPad or not. I’ve got GTA3 but haven’t really played it much, and I’m not convinced the controls suit my favourite VC past time of cruising around listening to the radio!

  9. wish they would show love to the devices that made the company consoles.

  10. No thanks.

    GTA 3 is too hard to control on the iPad, no doubt this would be much the same.

    Go release it on Vita where I might be tempted instead.

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