Leaked Poster Hints At “Spring 2013” Launch For GTA V

Whilst the hype train trickles ever forward, Rockstar’s delicate minutae teasing may well have been upsurped by what appears to be the leak of a European pre-order point of sale poster.


The image, available here and uncovered by a Polish fansite, gives away the release date – Spring 2013 – and a couple of clues: not least the prescence of pets, if that artwork is to be believed.

There were dogs in the very first trailer we saw from the shiny new depiction of San Andreas so it’s not a huge stretch to look at that artwork with the snarling dog on a chain and wonder if we’ll be able to pet him and hug him and take him for walks. Just don’t give the dog your phone number, eh?

So, Spring 2013. Closer than many might have expected but nicely in line with Rockstar’s April 2008 release for GTA IV. It might also be worth noting that there’s no PC listing in this artwork.



  1. I loved the fun and the almost endless possibilities of the GTA III trilogy and although some of the fun was missing, I loved the world of GTA IV. I’m quite excited about this, really.

    • Same, although I really enjoyed the darker and grittier direction IV took.

      • My thoughts exactly. It was the first game I played for the serious story and tone rather gameplay.

  2. Rockstar is realising a game in the spring? What is going on with the world?

  3. Perfect timing as most or some of the games due out early 2013 would of been released and played by then.
    I hope you get your own dog as that would be awesome to send on unsuspecting pedestrians.

  4. I’m still praying for a March release, have long service leave that finishes in April and a bub on the way! Was hoping to have given this game a good hiding before both of those happen. As I just know this game is going to consume my time!

  5. dogs in gta 5 would be great. you can almost see the tokyo jungle side game

  6. GTA 5 maybe behind it’s prime. After going back to it after Sleeping Dogs the combat is atrocious. Of course the story isn’t as good or the length.

    But hopefully GTA 5 gets up to date with combat/shooting (Red dead was good).

    • I thought rdr shooting was woefull. Snipering a guy with an old fashioned shotgun was ridiculous.

      • I think combat & shooting is frequently awful in Rockstar’s games.

        They’re rarely called out for it, particularly in reviews, especially as it’s a key gameplay mechanic.

        Most critical focus seems to be what their PR wants it to focus on, the real living breathing landscapes/cities, the NPC’s going about their business & the sheer achievement of the game rather than the actual mechanics that players need to use all the time within their beautifully realised worlds.

        Perhaps Rockstar’s Mountain Dew tastes a bit better than others ;)

  7. Pics or it didn’t happen!….oh wait.

    Still super excited about GTA5. The little amount we’ve been shown looks great and I can’t wait for more info on it.

  8. Nothing will beat San Andreas IMO.

    • Unfortunately, i tend to disagree – Vice City beats San Andreas hands down imo.

  9. The telling aspect will be in tomorrow’s T2 financial call. If they adjust (down) the expected earnings from R* then it’ll more than likely be May, if they don’t then it has to be released by the end of March to meet their end of financial year deadline.

    I suppose either could technically be called Spring… (just)

  10. Couldn’t actually care less when this is out, the last two have been as boring as hell.

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