Voice Actor Leaks Modern Warfare 4, Captain Price To Return

The series that simply has no idea when to stop, Modern Warfare, is continuing with yet another entry in the series that has basically defined the first person shooter this generation. Not that it’s been announced officially, of course, but that hasn’t stopped a voice actor from spilling the beans.

Indeed, Bill Murray, who voices Captain Price in the long running franchise, is apparently quite open about the whole thing, although admittedly he wasn’t aware he was speaking to a journalist. “Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game, Modern Warfare 4,” he admitted candidly, if not somewhat ignorantly.


“I’m doing work on the sequel to Modern Warfare 3, it carries straight on and I only ever appear in the Modern Warfare games,” he added.

Technically something of a leak then, and one that Activision won’t be happy about when they’re trying to get all eyes on Black Ops II which is just around the corner. And on the subject of journalism and not making it clear who you are – well, we’ve leave it up to you to decide whether or not holding back that nugget of information is appropriate.

Source: ThisIsXbox, Via GamesThirst.



  1. What a thing to let slip. Did he not think at anytime the person who was asking about MW4 may have possibly been a journalist? Even if they weren’t a journalist he shouldn’t have said anything. I guess it’s no big surprise anyway though.

    I really don’t see how they could make another one. The story will just be ridiculous. I really think IW should be looking into doing something else with the Call of Duty series.

    • Would love to see a prequel, Price in his prime, like when he was working with that other guy (all ghillied up).

      • I would love that. I must have played All Ghillied Up about a million times. Well, maybe not that many. One of my favorite levels in any game right there.

        Shame it looks like it’s just going to be a continuation though.

  2. Another one? Will this be for the next Gen? That’s the more important question

    • Sure it will be on every platform, so if there is a next-gen machine by the time it’s released then it will be a cross-gen title.

      • even though I’m not that excited by MW4, the thought that it could be on a next gen console does.


    • Is this different to how TC got the Resi Evil info though?

      • Yes as er… i’m going to have to get back to you on that one.

      • yep, he pursued information which was – and is legally required to be – publicly available.

      • I was just kidding. =)

      • oh, sorry, I’m a little bit on edge. Hunting for ethics to point at with my judgement stick.

      • Peter, haven’t you been cautioned by the police for pointing it at people? ;)

  4. After the complete trainwreck that was MW3 that should have just ditched the Modern Warfare’ series. It was over anyway. *SPOLIER* The killed the bad guys in the end – can’t even remember his name.

    Also, I feel no emotional attachment to any of it’s characters so I couldn’t care less who came back or who’s not in it. Anyone else feel the same?

  5. Campaign wise Modern Warfare 3 had a definite conclusion. Continuing it now will just be going back to the well too many times. I’m kind of over IW’s games at this point anyway and Black Ops 2 is likely the last CoD game for me.

  6. I can already see Captain Price get killed in this game

  7. Poor Bill Murray, he’s a legend but he obviously got confused and thought he was just having a chat in a cafe with a member of th Wu Tang Clan.

    • perhaps he was hoping for an invitation to check out their gravel pit?

  8. Another MW game? Pretty sure America feck yeah saved the world at the end of MW3 from the Russians or whatever country was involved. Not spoilers as i’m just assuming that’s what happened. Couldn’t they just start on a new COD title other then Blops and MW? Or are they playing it safe? As it’s near impossible for COD to fail. :O Hell, they could just take last year’s game, tweak a few bits and slap a new name on it and it would still sell.

    Also, don’t voice actors have to signed a NDA? As i would have thought major publishers would make sure nothing is leaked untill they “leak” it themselves.

    • you really just shouldn’t start talking if you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about Steven… Half of the cast of Modern Warfare are British and the task force is multi-national. In fact, you spend most of MW3 playing as a Russian…

      • I do know what i’m on about. Just not what actually happened in MW3 due to me generally not being interested in FPSes set in modern day. :)

      • in my head, stevens comment was read by vicky pollard. really quickly with no pauses. Try it ;)

      • Haha – Just requires a ‘or summin or nuffin’ here & there & it’s set. :)

      • “Pretty sure America feck yeah saved the world at the end of MW3 from the Russians or whatever country was involved”

        Erm… nope ;)

      • Doesn’t that happen in every major modern FPS to date? if not then i need to do a half arsed google search. :O

  9. MW is dying. The online figures compared to Blops speak for themselves v

  10. What a stupid move. I’ll concede I thoroughly enjoyed MW2 but MW3 (as said above) was an absolute train wreck. Made purely because it’s Modern Warfare. Gave up completely on the franchise and probably won’t return to it either, especially after what actually happened in MW3.

    Just quit it. Please.

    • I really liked 3. Thought 2 was the low point in that particular sub-series. Although, part of what I liked about MW3 was … **SPOILERS** … that they had the balls to finish it to a point where it was definitely finished. Now it seems that they didn’t have those balls. FAKE BALLS!

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