Amazing Website Lets You Play All The Old Retro Handheld Classics

Looking for something to do with the last few moments of the working day? Well, obviously, we’d not advise you to down tools and check out this site, which features pretty much every old school retro gaming handheld on it in one handy list.


Not a chance.

Thankfully, by not visiting it, you’ll not have to endure a beautifully presented array of gaming icons that, once clicked, open up nice and big on your browser you can play them. Yep, most of them are actually playable, including the evergreen Donkey Kong.

You’ll also not have to put up with slick control pop-ups, nicely animated button presses and all those wonderful beeps and blips. Quite how it’s done is anyone’s guess, but it’s a work of art, and almost certainly one hell of a time sink. So, no. Don’t do it.

We’re good like that.



  1. Productivity: Gone

  2. Love going on that website.

    There’s also!/arcade/atari-promo which works on tablets because it’s HMTL5.

  3. Okay, i won’t. *walks towards the door* WAIT A MINUTE! Something’s not right here.

    • Am surprised that they managed to get around the legal stuff provided it’s not public domain. :O Also, can i blame you for causing me to not look for jobs due to the site? Will expect a free pack of PG Tips as compensation. :P

  4. nice!

  5. Holy crap… transported… I have no words…

    • Amazing isn’t it – Donkey Kong, Parachute, Fishing Boy all have such strong memories for me.

  6. love donkey Kong I had that handheld above when I was a kid.

    • I still have it. The bottom right hand corner has curled up a bit but it still works.

      • Yep, still got mine too, except my jump button comes off.

        Used to love playing it, getting over 999 (i think!) and causing the game to reset

  7. Wow, I actually had the donkey Kong Jr game in the pic. Got it for Xmas and loved it….
    for about two hours. I took it to the loo and delicately placed it on top of the cistern while I peed, and in ultra slow motion it slid and fell in my piss. l was beyond gutted. Thankyou for letting me play it once more!

    • Just did this with my iphone but thankfully without the piss.

  8. I used to have the dual-screen Donkey Kong, as well as one they haven’t got on there yet… Snoopy Tennis!

  9. I never got into the handhelds really, my old man bought a pong device then i had a BBC Micro 32k so i was always on that but that site is an absolute beaut!!!!

    Thx to tsa for sharing because the wife whooped when i showed her (her dad used to bring her these back from Saudi :))

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