Move Exclusive “Dual Play” Tech Demo Looks Interesting

The PlayStation Move hasn’t seen a great deal of ‘core’ gamer targeted titles since its launch, with Sony instead preferring to use the device and technology for family friendly games. There’s been a few, but it’s mostly casual stuff.

Playhouse Entertainment (via iWaggle) are looking to shift the balance the other way though, with their Move-exclusive game that – whilst currently clearly only a tech demo – shows a fair bit of promise, albeit at a very early stage.

The demo’s old, at least a few months, but there’s a Half Life vibe about what’s on show, and it’s clear that the technology used to navigate, interact and shoot is in place. It’s tricky to see how intuitive it is from the video, but it could be interesting.

“Many years have passed and there have been very few games to come close to the amount of control that I originally imagined when I first saw what motion controls were capable of,” said Playhouse’s Brett Gale.

“I believe my unique control scheme fixes all previous control problems and introduces realistic motion controlled gameplay that is on par with expensive virtual reality systems,” he added, although doesn’t offer any explanation as to what that control method actually is.

More is expected from Gale and the game next year.


  1. Seems like they are trying to force a Move control scheme onto something just for the sake of using Move. The slow and unsteady arm movement also gives off a trippy “are these even my hands?” vibe. :P

  2. Kinda slow, but with few tweaks and improvements this could bring a game like Amnesia to a whole new level of pain. :D

  3. has anyone else not been able to watch videos on this site? I’m using a 4th gen itouch and its been going on for 3 weeks now.

    • All fine here, fella. Desktop PCs and iPhone 4 and 5.

  4. Finally, a game where I can stare suspiciously at my palms before batting at lampshades like a mentally retarded man-kitten.

  5. Bags of promise as I don’t doubt things would feel very natural to interact with. However, we still need a game there as opposed to a graphical tech demo from the nineties. ;-)

  6. Is this for PC the graphics are bad especially when he picks up the apples. I know it’s a tech demo but still wow us like heavy rain makers

  7. 1st time i saw ‘Move’ was way back in an issue of EDGE magazine, talking early PS2 days here, where EDGE were invited to Sony HQ and shown the PS2 Eyetoy and Move was in the very early stages and it had some very promising tech demo’s…….

    Good few years and 1 generation of console later and it seems that’s really all it has to offer the (cynical) likes of myself.All those years in R+D labs, Sony has had time a plenty to put Move into games that will convince people like myself, it really is worth investing in, so far….nothing and at this stage of the PS3’s life, i really cannot see the situation changing.

    I mean Sony, you cannot it seems even fix the basic PS3 web browser (frozen no less than 3 times tonight just trying to post this :-( ), Ps3 Eyetoy and Move had such potential, but they just have’nt been realised this generation and even if the tech is improved and included as std with PS4, unless you deliver ‘Killer apps’ that only these devices make possible, be another wasted op.

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